• Elegant Winter Coat - wnkrs

    Elegant Winter Coat

    Item Type: Coat Material: Cotton, Fur Season: Autumn/Winter Features: Winter Cat Clothing, Cat Hoodie, Cat Warm Clothing, Cat Coats, Cat Clothes,  Pet Accessories, Cat Supplies, Pet Shirts, Cat Sweater Size (cm) S M L XL Length 23 26 30 34 Chest 28-32 32-36 36-40 40-44 Neck 20 24 28 32

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  • Puppy Go Out Portable Shoulder Handbag Dog Carrier

    Puppy Go Out Portable Shoul...

    Take Your Pup on the Go with Ease! Introducing the Puppy Go Out Portable Shoulder Handbag Dog Carrier, the ultimate solution for pet parents on the move. Whether you're running errands, going for a stroll, or embarking on a travel adventure, this stylish and practical carrier ensures your furry friend stays safe, comfortable, and close to your heart. Crafted from 100% cotton in a chic beige and gray color scheme, this shoulder bag exudes both fashion and function. Its small and middle sizes cater perfectly to your pet's needs, with the small size ideal for pets within 4 kg and the middle size suitable for pets within 6 kg. No matter your dog's size, there's a cozy mat and pillow included for added comfort during their journey. Convenient Design: With a hard board at the bottom for pet support, this carrier ensures stability and security while you're on the move. All-Season Comfort: Suitable for use in all seasons, this carrier keeps your pet cozy and snug year-round. Easy to Carry: The adjustable shoulder strap allows for a customized fit, while the lightweight design ensures effortless carrying. Versatile Usage: Perfect for small breeds like Chihuahuas, Yorkshire Terriers, and other small dogs, this carrier is a must-have accessory for pet owners. Whether you're heading to the vet, visiting friends, or simply exploring the great outdoors, the Puppy Go Out Portable Shoulder Handbag Dog Carrier ensures your furry companion is always by your side. Don't wait any longer to upgrade your pet's travel experience! Order now and enjoy delivery within 48 hours after payment. Adventure awaits!

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  • Cat Catnip Teeth Cleaning Sticks - wnkrs

    Cat Catnip Teeth Cleaning S...

    Item Type: Cat Supplies Material: Catnip Contents: 1 x Cleaning Sticks Bag (5 Sticks) Features: Cat Supplies, Teeth Cleaning, Stick, Catnip


  • 1.5L Square Pet Water Bowl

    1.5L Square Pet Water Bowl

    Discover the Perfect Hydration Solution for Your Pet Ensure your pet stays hydrated with our innovative and stylish 1.5L Square Pet Water Bowl, designed to offer a mess-free drinking experience for your beloved cat or dog. Ideal for pet owners seeking a reliable and easy-to-use solution, this bowl is a must-have for keeping your pets happy and hydrated all day long.   Key Features This pet bowl's design prioritizes your pet's ease and your convenience, featuring a generous 1.5-liter capacity to accommodate the drinking needs of all breeds. Crafted from durable, high-quality plastic, the bowl ensures long-lasting use and is light enough for easy portability. Its unique square shape and raised edges help contain splashes, keeping your floor dry and clean.   Benefits at a Glance Splash-Proof Design: Minimizes water spills and splashes, making it ideal for tidy homes. Generous Capacity: Holds 1.5 liters of water to ensure your pet remains fully hydrated throughout the day. Lightweight & Portable: Easily move it around your home or take it with you while traveling. Durable Material: Made from robust plastic designed to withstand daily use. Easy to Clean: Simple to rinse and wipe down, saving you time and effort.   When to Use This Product Our Square Pet Water Bowl is perfect for everyday use, whether at home or on the go. It's especially useful for active pets or those living in busy households. Its splash-proof feature also makes it suitable for use in areas of your home with carpets or rugs.   What Makes Our Bowl Special? Unlike standard pet bowls, this product combines functionality with style. The unique square design not only catches the eye but also serves a practical purpose by containing splashes better than traditional round bowls. Its size and portability make it versatile for all sorts of environments, ensuring your pet's hydration needs are always met, no matter where you are.   Ready to Enhance Your Pet's Drinking Experience? Don't wait to provide your pet with the comfort and convenience they deserve. Upgrade to our 1.5L Square Pet Water Bowl today and notice the difference in how your pet drinks—happier, cleaner, and always hydrated. Order now and make a splash in your pet care routine!


  • 2 in 1 Pet Feeder Water Dispenser

    2 in 1 Pet Feeder Water Dis...

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    Make Mealtime a Breeze Introducing our 2 in 1 Pet Feeder Water Dispenser, the ultimate solution to streamline your pet's feeding and hydration routine. With its innovative design and convenient features, this dual bowl dispenser ensures your furry friend always has access to fresh food and water. Key Features: Two-in-one design with separate compartments for food and water, minimizing clutter Automatic water dispenser keeps the water bowl filled, ensuring your pet stays hydrated Large capacity of 3.2L/108oz to accommodate plenty of food and water for multiple pets or extended periods Stainless steel material for durability, safety, and easy cleaning Smart charging function with adapter input of 100-240V 50/60Hz and output of 5V 1000mA No time setting required, providing simple and hassle-free operation Sleek and compact design fits seamlessly into any home decor Benefits: Ensure your pet's hydration needs are met with the automatic water dispenser Reduce the risk of dehydration and related health issues with constant access to fresh water Minimize mess and spills with the separate compartments for food and water Provide a consistent supply of food and water, even when you're not home Promote healthy eating habits and portion control with the dual bowl design Enjoy peace of mind knowing your pet's needs are taken care of, even during busy days Upgrade Your Pet's Mealtime Experience! Don't let feeding time be a chore anymore. Invest in your pet's well-being and convenience with our 2 in 1 Pet Feeder Water Dispenser. Order now and enjoy stress-free feeding and hydration for you and your beloved furry friend!

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  • 2 in 1 Smart Cat Toy

    2 in 1 Smart Cat Toy

      Keep Your Cat Entertained for Hours Introducing our 2 in 1 Smart Cat Toys—the ultimate solution for keeping your furry friend entertained and engaged. Say goodbye to boredom and hello to endless fun with this interactive toy set designed to stimulate your cat's natural instincts. Whether you're a busy pet parent looking for a way to keep your cat active during the day or simply want to provide your feline friend with hours of entertainment, our smart toy set is the purrfect choice. Discover the Features 2-in-1 Design: Our versatile toy set features a cat teaser wand with three feather attachments and two interactive fun balls, offering multiple ways to play and engage with your cat. Interactive Play Modes: With five different modes to choose from, including random movement, rotating feathers, and rolling balls, our smart toy set keeps your cat entertained and mentally stimulated. High-Quality Materials: Crafted from durable ABS plastic, our toy set is built to withstand rough play and ensure long-lasting durability, providing endless entertainment for your cat. Convenient Size: Compact and lightweight, our toy set is easy to set up and store, making it ideal for both indoor and outdoor use. Easy to Use: Simply press the button to activate the desired play mode and watch as your cat enjoys hours of interactive fun. Benefits Your Cat Will Love Physical Exercise: Keep your cat active and healthy with our interactive toy set, encouraging exercise and preventing boredom-induced behaviors. Mental Stimulation: Stimulate your cat's natural hunting instincts and provide mental enrichment with the variety of play modes and textures offered by our toy set. Bonding Opportunity: Strengthen the bond between you and your cat as you engage in interactive play sessions, fostering a deeper connection and mutual trust. Entertainment Anytime: Whether you're at home or away, our smart toy set provides endless entertainment for your cat, ensuring they stay happy and content throughout the day. Versatile Use: Suitable for cats of all ages and sizes, our toy set is the perfect accessory for indoor playtime, helping to alleviate boredom and promote overall well-being. Upgrade Your Cat's Playtime Elevate your cat's playtime experience with our 2 in 1 Smart Cat Toy Set. With its interactive features and durable design, this toy set is guaranteed to provide endless fun and entertainment for your feline friend. Buy now Invest in your cat's happiness. Invest in our smart toy set today!


  • 2-in-1 Pet Grooming & Deshedding Gloves - Perfect for Dogs, Cats & More

    2-in-1 Pet Grooming & Deshe...

    Transform Your Pet Care Routine Discover the ease and efficiency of the 2-in-1 Pet Grooming & Deshedding Gloves, your new go-to solution for pet care. These innovative gloves combine the functionalities of grooming and deshedding, making the process quick, easy, and enjoyable for both you and your beloved pet. Experience a dramatic change in your daily pet care routine, ensuring a cleaner, healthier, and happier environment for everyone. Product Features Multi-function grooming and deshedding capabilities Five-Finger Design for optimal hand movement Enhanced 255 Soft Rubber Tips for a gentle touch Breathable, fast-drying mesh lining for comfort Adjustable Velcro Wrist Strap for a perfect fit Lightweight and machine washable for easy maintenance Flexible, slip-on design for ease of use Benefits of Using Our Pet Grooming Gloves Removes loose hair and reduces shedding Provides a relaxing massage, promoting a stress-free life Helps create a cleaner home by minimizing pet hair and allergens Leaves your pet with a shiny, softer coat Perfect for pets of all sizes and fur types When and Why to Use These gloves are perfect for daily use, making grooming and bathing times effortless. They are particularly effective for pets with long, short, or curly hair and are suitable for dogs, cats, horses, and rabbits. What makes these gloves special is their ability to provide a gentle yet effective grooming experience, reducing stress for your pet while keeping your home clean and allergen-free. Ready to Elevate Your Pet Care? Don’t wait to transform your pet grooming routine! With the 2-in-1 Pet Grooming & Deshedding Gloves, you’ll ensure a healthier, happier life for your pet while enjoying a cleaner home. Embrace the change and see the difference in your pet’s appearance and well-being. Order now and step into a stress-free world of pet care!


  • 2-in-1 Silicone Pet Food Can Cover and Spoon

    2-in-1 Silicone Pet Food Ca...

    Discover Unmatched Freshness for Your Pet's Food Introducing the ultimate solution for pet food storage and serving - our 2-in-1 Silicone Pet Food Can Cover and Spoon ensures your pet's food stays fresh, delicious, and ready to serve at a moment's notice. Perfect for dog and cat owners alike, this innovative accessory is a must-have for maintaining the freshness and quality of canned pet food. Key Features and Benefits 360° Airtight Seal: Our embedded seal design guarantees that no odors escape and preserves your pet's food freshness for up to 72 hours. High-Quality Materials: Made from food-grade silicone, you can use this product with the utmost confidence for your pet’s safety and health. Versatile Fit: The intelligent 3-ring design fits nearly all round cans, making it suitable for 99% of canned pet foods on the market. Efficient Use: Designed to scrape out all the food without any waste, ensuring your pet enjoys every last bite. Easy to Use: Simple cover opening and good adsorption make it user-friendly and hassle-free. Why Choose Our Can Cover and Spoon? Our product not only keeps pet food fresh but also makes feeding effortless. Whether at home or on the go, this tool simplifies pet mealtime. The cover’s design prevents leaks and spills while ensuring no odors mix with your home environment. Its non-slip, secure fit means less mess and more ease during use. Product Usage The 2-in-1 Silicone Pet Food Can Cover and Spoon is ideal for everyday use, maintaining the quality of your pet's food between meals and reducing waste. It's particularly useful for multi-pet households or for those who prefer to economize by buying in bulk but wish to ensure freshness. Act Now! Keep your pet's food fresh, tasty, and ready at any time. Purchase your own 2-in-1 Silicone Pet Food Can Cover and Spoon today and take the first step towards more convenient and efficient pet feeding! Order now to enjoy the benefits of a fresher, easier mealtime for your furry friend.

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  • 2-in-1 Ultrasonic Dog Training & Anti-Barking Device with Flashlight

    2-in-1 Ultrasonic Dog Train...

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    Introducing the ultimate solution to manage your dog's behavior and ensure your safety during walks—our 2-in-1 Ultrasonic Dog Training & Anti-Barking Device. Designed to assist in training while deterring aggressive or unwanted behavior, this device is a must-have for every dog owner. Key Features This versatile tool offers multiple functions to help you train your dog effectively. It features an ultrasonic mode to stop barking or unwanted behaviors by emitting a high-frequency sound that only dogs can hear. The built-in flashlight provides an added level of security during night walks. Made from durable plastic, this device is designed to withstand the rigors of everyday use. Product Benefits Behavioral Management: Quickly teaches your pet to associate the unpleasant sound with their misbehavior. Safety Ensured: The flashlight can be used to deter an approaching dog or illuminate your path in low light conditions. Portable & Rechargeable: Compact and easy to carry, it charges conveniently through USB, making it ready for every walk or training session. User-Friendly: Simple operation allows anyone to use it effectively, with immediate results. Humane Training Tool: Provides a safe alternative to physical and verbal reprimands. When to Use This Device Use the training mode during your regular training sessions to reinforce commands and correct unwanted behavior. The anti-barking mode is ideal when you need to calm your dog in stressful situations or when you're attempting to reduce excessive barking at home or on the go. The flashlight is perfect for night time safety, whether you're navigating the neighborhood or encountering other animals. What Makes Our Product Special? Unlike other training devices, our 2-in-1 Ultrasonic Dog Training & Anti-Barking Device combines functionality with convenience. The inclusion of a rechargeable battery and a durable plastic build makes it both economical and long-lasting. Its effectiveness in providing a non-contact method of training and controlling behavior sets it apart in the realm of pet care products.

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  • 2.4L LED-Lit Automatic Cat Water Fountain with Stainless Steel & Activated Carbon Filter

    2.4L LED-Lit Automatic Cat ...

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    Discover Hydration Perfection for Your Pet Keep your beloved pet hydrated and healthy with our state-of-the-art 2.4L Automatic Cat Water Fountain. Designed with meticulous attention to detail, this dispenser not only provides fresh, filtered water but also engages your pet with its playful water streams. Perfect for cats of all sizes, this intelligent dispenser is your solution to ensure your pet drinks enough water throughout the day and night. Key Features Large 2.4-liter capacity ensures ample water supply LED night lighting for visibility and comfort in low light conditions Three fun water flow settings to entice your cat to drink more Quiet operation to keep both pet and owner undisturbed Easy-to-clean separate components for hassle-free maintenance Intelligent pump system that halts when water level is low to ensure safety Enhanced filtration system with activated carbon and ion exchange resin USB interface and AC power supply for convenient charging options Why Choose Our Automatic Water Fountain? Our fountain is not just a water dispenser; it's a health-focused addition to your pet's daily routine. The filter works tirelessly to purify the water, reducing the risk of urinary stones by removing excess elements and impurities. This is particularly important for maintaining your cat’s urinary tract health. The stainless steel construction is not only sleek but also hygienic, resisting bacteria buildup and ensuring durability. Perfect for Every Home Whether it’s day or night, our LED-lit water fountain is designed to blend seamlessly into your living space while providing an enticing hydration spot for your cat. Its quiet operation and stylish design make it a must-have for pet owners who value both aesthetics and functionality. The three different water flow settings not only keep your pet hydrated but also add a touch of whimsy to their drinking experience, making hydration fun. How to Get the Best Out of Your Fountain Setting up is a breeze — simply assemble, fill, and plug in. Regular replacement of the filter element will keep the fountain working efficiently and the water clean. This dispenser is best used indoors and can be placed in any room, making it easy for your pet to access fresh water at any time. Don’t wait to elevate your pet’s drinking experience. Order our 2.4L LED-Lit Automatic Cat Water Fountain today and enjoy the peace of mind that comes with providing your furry friend with clean, fresh, and enjoyable water every day!

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  • 3-in-1 Electric Pet Grooming Brush

    3-in-1 Electric Pet Groomin...

    Discover the Ultimate in Pet Grooming Introducing the perfect solution to keep your furry friend's coat looking healthy and pristine—our 3-in-1 Electric Pet Grooming Brush with Spray. This innovative tool is designed to tackle tangled and loose hair, making grooming sessions a breeze while ensuring your pet remains comfortable and stress-free. Key Features Multi-Purpose Grooming Tool: Combines hair removal, steaming, and massage functionalities in one compact device. Effective Steam Technology: Utilizes steam to gently cleanse and loosen dust, dirt, and dead hair from your pet's coat. Rechargeable Convenience: Powered by a durable 120 mAh battery and includes a USB cable for easy charging. Safe and Gentle: Features soft bristles with rounded tips to ensure a soothing experience without irritating the skin. Portable Design: Compact and easy to handle, making it ideal for both home use and travel. Benefits of Using Our Grooming Brush Reduces Shedding: Regular use helps decrease the amount of hair shed around your home. Enhances Bonding: Spend quality time with your pet during grooming sessions that they will enjoy. Improves Pet's Health: Keeps your pet's coat clean and healthy, reducing potential skin issues. Eco-Friendly: Avoids the need for disposable batteries and reduces waste with its rechargeable feature. When to Use This Grooming Brush? Perfect for daily grooming, this brush excels in maintaining a clean and smooth coat for both cats and dogs, especially those with long or short hair. Whether you're at home or on the go, its portable design and easy-to-use features make it an essential tool for pet owners. What Makes Our Product Special? Unlike traditional pet brushes, our 3-in-1 design with built-in steam technology provides a deep clean that is not only effective but also therapeutic for your pet. The gentle steam and massaging bristles promote a healthier coat, making grooming a pleasant experience for both you and your pet.


  • 3-in-1 Pet Grooming Comb: Electric Spray Massage and Hair Removal for Cats & Dogs - USB Charging

    3-in-1 Pet Grooming Comb: E...

    Discover the Ultimate in Pet Grooming Convenience Introducing our 3-in-1 Pet Grooming Comb, designed specifically to keep your furry friends looking their best and feeling loved. This innovative grooming tool combines brushing, massaging, and hair removal in one easy-to-use device. Whether you have a playful puppy or a cozy cat, this comb is the perfect solution for maintaining their coat's health and beauty, all while keeping your home hair-free! Key Features and Benefits Effective Grooming: Removes loose hair, dander, and tangles effortlessly, promoting a shiny and healthy coat. Massage Function: Stimulates blood circulation and oil production to improve skin health. Stress Relief: Many pets find the brushing process relaxing, making grooming a pleasurable bonding time. Indoor Cleanliness: Regular use reduces the amount of pet hair around your home. Compact and Portable: USB charging and a practical size (12cm/4.72 inch) allow for easy handling and storage. When and Why to Use This Grooming Tool Our 3-in-1 Pet Grooming Comb is ideal for daily use or as needed to keep your pet's coat clean and untangled. It's particularly beneficial for pets with long hair that are prone to knots and matting. The comb's design ensures that you can maintain your pet's grooming without the stress and mess. Its soothing massage feature is excellent for pets who enjoy a little pampering, making it a delightful experience for both pet and owner. What Makes Our Pet Comb Special? Unlike ordinary brushes, this comb offers a triple action solution—brushing, massaging, and hair removal. The inclusion of a spray function adds a new level of ease and effectiveness, providing a spa-like experience for your pet. Crafted from durable plastic in appealing yellow or green colors, it’s built to last and stylish to boot. Its ergonomic design and easy-to-use features make it a must-have for pet owners looking for a hassle-free grooming solution. Ready to Transform Your Pet's Grooming Routine? Don't wait to improve your pet's coat health and your home's cleanliness. Order your 3-in-1 Pet Grooming Comb today and experience a new era of pet grooming. Your pet deserves the best, and so do you!


  • 3-in-1 Wooden Cat Scratcher Lounge Bed: Scratcher, Scraper, and Nap Haven

    3-in-1 Wooden Cat Scratcher...

    Introducing the Ultimate Cat Comfort Solution Indulge your feline friend with the perfect blend of play, rest, and claw care – all in one innovative product. Our 3-in-1 Wooden Cat Scratcher Lounge Bed offers a cozy retreat for naps, a satisfying scratching surface, and a durable structure to endure your cat's playful antics. Product Features: 3-in-1 functionality: lounge bed, scratching pad, and claw training post Constructed from 100% recyclable, high-quality cardboard Non-toxic glue ensures safety for your pet Solid wood frame prevents corrugated paper from cracking and extends lifespan Micro-arc surface design tailored for cat body curves U-shaped bed design maximizes comfort during rest Adjustable scratching angles (0°, 40°, and 70°) to suit your cat's preference Simple assembly process with included instructions Benefits You and Your Cat Will Love: Protects furniture from claw damage, saving you money on replacements Satisfies your cat's natural scratching instincts, promoting healthy behavior Provides a comfortable and secure space for your cat to relax and play Promotes proper spine alignment with subtle curves for scratching Environmentally friendly materials ensure peace of mind When to Use: This versatile product is ideal for everyday use, offering a sanctuary for your cat's downtime and a designated scratching area to divert them from your furniture. Whether it's playtime, nap time, or claw care time, our 3-in-1 Wooden Cat Scratcher Lounge Bed has got you covered. What Makes Our Product Special? Unlike ordinary scratching posts or cardboard lounges, our innovative design combines functionality, durability, and comfort in one stylish package. The adjustable scratching angles cater to your cat's preferences, while the solid wood frame ensures longevity. Say goodbye to unsightly furniture scratches and hello to a happy, contented cat! Order Now and Give Your Cat the Gift of Ultimate Comfort! Invest in your cat's well-being and your peace of mind with our 3-in-1 Wooden Cat Scratcher Lounge Bed. Order now and experience the difference!

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  • 3.5L Smart Automatic Pet Feeder

    3.5L Smart Automatic Pet Fe...

    Ensure your pet is fed on time every day with our smart automatic pet feeder! Ideal for dog and cat owners who want peace of mind during their busy schedules, this feeder combines high-tech features with user-friendly design, making it an indispensable part of your pet care routine. Product Features This feeder is equipped with cutting-edge technology to provide a reliable feeding solution for your pet. The 3.5L capacity ensures your pet has ample food, and the programmable timer allows up to 4 meals per day, each with adjustable portions from 1-20 servings. The dual power system uses both a USB connection and D batteries to keep it operational even during power outages. Flexible Timed Feeding: Set up to 4 meals a day with up to 20 servings per meal. Secure Twist-Lock Storage: Keeps food fresh and prevents spills. Memory Function: Maintains your settings in the event of a power cut. Voice Recording Feature: Personalize your pet's mealtime with your voice. Easy Cleaning: Features a removable stainless steel food pan. Product Benefits Our automatic pet feeder is designed not only to feed your pet but also to simplify your life. Enjoy the convenience of scheduling meals in advance so you never have to worry about your pet missing a meal. The voice recording function helps soothe your pet with your voice, enhancing their comfort and reducing anxiety while you're away. The sturdy design and secure storage mean you can trust that the food stays safe and fresh. Plus, it's easy to clean and maintain. Peace of mind knowing your pet is fed on time, every time. Reduce pet anxiety with mealtime voice recordings. Maintain a clean feeding area with easy-to-clean components. Keep food fresh and secure with robust storage options. Why Choose Our Automatic Pet Feeder? Perfect for busy pet owners, our feeder offers a blend of reliability, convenience, and affection. It's particularly useful for times when you're late from work or want to sleep a bit more in the mornings. The smart connectivity features ensure you can always control the feeder remotely, giving you a new way to interact with your pet even when you're not home. Don't miss out on the convenience and security of our advanced pet feeding solution. Order now to take the first step towards a carefree and loving pet care routine!

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  • 4-in-1 Pet Grooming Brush with Water Tank for Dogs & Cats

    4-in-1 Pet Grooming Brush w...

    Discover the Ultimate Pet Grooming Solution Transform your pet grooming routine with the 4-in-1 Pet Grooming Brush, designed for ultimate comfort and efficiency. This all-in-one tool is not just a brush; it's a complete grooming system for maintaining your pet's coat and skin health. Whether you own a playful pup or a charming cat, this grooming brush ensures a delightful and effective grooming session each time. Features That Define Excellence Our grooming brush is equipped with high-quality plastic comb teeth that glide through fur effortlessly, capturing loose hair, knots, and debris without irritating your pet's skin. The versatile design includes a water tank and a supply of grooming wipes, making it easy to clean and pamper your pet simultaneously. Choose from stylish blue or pink options to match your pet's accessories. Why Choose Our Grooming Brush? Gentle on Skin: Ideal for pets with sensitive skin, the soft silicone bristles ensure a soothing experience without scratches. Multi-functional Design: More than just a brush - use it to massage your pet, remove hair, and even clean up pet fur from clothing and furniture. Convenient Cleaning: Integrated water tank and grooming wipes allow for immediate cleaning during grooming sessions, perfect for quick touch-ups. Adaptable for All Coats: Effective on various fur types, from short-haired tabbies to long-haired retrievers. When to Use This Grooming Brush? Perfect for daily grooming, our brush excels in regular maintenance of your pet’s coat. It's particularly useful during shedding season to manage excess fur and keep your home hair-free. Also, it's a great tool for after-walk clean-ups or preparing your pet for visitors. What Makes It Special? Unlike ordinary brushes, our 4-in-1 grooming brush offers a comprehensive solution to pet care. The inclusion of a water tank and wipes makes it unparalleled in convenience and functionality. It's a must-have for pet owners who value efficiency and the well-being of their furry friends. Ready to Elevate Your Grooming Routine? Don’t wait to enhance your pet’s coat health and appearance. Order the 4-in-1 Pet Grooming Brush today and experience a new level of grooming ease and effectiveness. Click 'Add to Cart' now to start a happier, cleaner grooming journey!


  • 4-in-1 Titanium Outdoor Cutlery Set with Multifunctional Holder

    4-in-1 Titanium Outdoor Cut...

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    Enhance Your Outdoor Dining Experience Transform your outdoor meals with our 4-in-1 Titanium Outdoor Cutlery Set, your perfect companion for any adventure. From the backcountry trails to your local park picnics, this lightweight, durable set combines functionality with simplicity, ensuring you never compromise on utility or space in your pack. Superior Design and Material Crafted from high-quality titanium, this cutlery set is designed for the rugged outdoors. The material is not only lightweight and exceptionally strong but also resistant to corrosion and wear. Unlike other materials, titanium does not impart any metallic taste to your food, preserving the pure flavor of your meals. The set includes a spoon, fork, and a cutter, each piece thoughtfully designed with a hole in the handle for easy attachment to a carabiner or lanyard. Titanium build: Light and durable, resisting rust and corrosion. Compact and convenient: Each utensil weighs around 0.4 ounces, making it easy to carry. Versatile holder: Includes a multifunctional storage holder that doubles as a bottle opener, M4 wrench, and package opener. Perfect for Any Outdoor Setting This cutlery set is ideal for anyone who loves to explore the great outdoors. Whether you are camping, hiking, or just enjoying a simple picnic, this set ensures you have the necessary tools for dining without the bulk. Its compact design and multifunctional aspects make it indispensable for outdoor enthusiasts. What Makes Our Cutlery Set Special? The unique combination of durability, design, and versatility sets our cutlery set apart from others. The innovative multifunctional holder is not just a storage solution but a tool in itself, offering functionalities that go beyond mere eating utensils. It’s everything you need for dining outdoors in one compact package, making it an essential addition to your outdoor gear. Why Choose Our Titanium Cutlery Set? Lightweight and Portable: Easily fits in your pocket or hooks onto your pack with a carabiner. Taste and Odor Free: Enjoy the true taste of your outdoor meals, no metallic aftertaste. Multi-Tool Efficiency: Reduces the need to carry extra tools, simplifying your packing needs. Robust and Eco-Friendly: Reusable and built to last, reducing plastic waste. Ready to take your outdoor meals to the next level? Get your 4-in-1 Titanium Outdoor Cutlery Set today and savor the taste of adventure with every bite!

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  • 4L Automatic Pet Feeder

    4L Automatic Pet Feeder

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    Introducing the 4L Automatic Pet Feeder Ensure your furry friend never misses a meal with the 4L Automatic Pet Feeder. Designed with convenience and your pet's well-being in mind, this smart pet feeder allows you to control your pet's feeding schedule effortlessly. Product Features Button Version: With easy-to-use buttons, you can set up to 6 meals per day, with up to 60 portions per meal, ensuring your pet gets the right amount of food at the right time. Large Capacity: The 4L capacity can hold enough dry food to feed your pet for approximately 2-3 weeks, making it perfect for small to medium-sized pets. Smart Control: Set your pet's feeding schedule and portion sizes with the touch of a button, allowing you to maintain consistency in your pet's diet even when you're away from home. Dual Power Supply: The feeder can be powered by either a USB charger or 4 AA batteries (not included), giving you flexibility in how you choose to power it. Detachable Design: The feeder's detachable components make it easy to clean and maintain, ensuring your pet's food is always fresh and hygienic. Benefits of Using the 4L Automatic Pet Feeder Convenience: No more rushing home to feed your pet or worrying about their mealtime schedule. The automatic feeder takes care of everything, giving you peace of mind. Healthy Eating Habits: By providing consistent and portion-controlled meals, you can help your pet develop healthy eating habits and avoid overeating or undereating. Remote Feeding: Whether you're at work, on vacation, or simply busy with other tasks, you can remotely feed your pet using the feeder's smart control features. Long-lasting: With its durable construction and long battery life, the feeder is built to last, ensuring reliable performance for years to come. Customizable: Adjust the feeding schedule and portion sizes to suit your pet's unique dietary needs and feeding preferences. Give Your Pet the Gift of Regular, Hassle-Free Meals Invest in the 4L Automatic Pet Feeder and enjoy the convenience of automated feeding for your beloved pet. Say goodbye to mealtime worries and hello to a happier, healthier pet!

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  • 4L Stainless Steel Wireless Pet Water Fountain with Motion Sensor

    4L Stainless Steel Wireless...

    Overview Introducing the ultimate solution for pet hydration, our 4L Stainless Steel Wireless Pet Water Fountain is designed for ease of use, hygiene, and durability. Perfect for pet owners who value convenience and health, this water fountain ensures your pets stay hydrated with fresh, clean water whether you are at home or away. Key Features Wireless Design: Completely portable with no wires, allowing placement in any desired location. Large Capacity: Holds up to 4 liters of water, perfect for sustaining your pet's hydration for up to 15 days. Stainless Steel Construction: Durable and easy to clean, resisting odors and bacteria. Smart Sensor Technology: Includes a motion sensor mode to conserve battery and water. Whisper-Quiet Operation: Operates at a low noise level of 25dB to avoid disturbing you or your pets. Why Choose Our Pet Water Fountain? Our water fountain is not just a drinking accessory but a health essential for your pets. The freedom to place the fountain anywhere without worrying about cords makes it perfect for any space, while the large tank means less refilling for you. Stainless steel material prevents bacteria buildup and is a cinch to maintain, ensuring your pets always have access to clean water. Additionally, the silent operation and intelligent sensor modes make it an advanced hydration solution that adapts to both your lifestyle and your pet's needs. Benefits Increased Hydration: Encourages pets to drink more water, supporting kidney health and energy levels. Convenient Maintenance: Dishwasher-safe parts and easy disassembly make cleaning effortless. Peace of Mind: Ideal for busy pet owners, with enough capacity to care for your pets' water needs during short trips. Safe and Reliable: Operates safely without direct electricity, reducing the risk of electrical hazards. What’s Included? Wireless Pet Water Fountain (4L Capacity) Integrated Main Control Module and Pump One Filter and Four Filter Sponges TYPE-C USB Cable and Power Adapter Cleaning Kit (Brush, Tweezers, Nano Sponge) User Manual Ensure your beloved pet always has access to fresh and clean water with our versatile and quiet wireless pet water fountain. Don't wait; add to cart now and make hydration a breeze for your furry friends!


  • 5-in-1 Pet Grooming Kit Vacuum

    5-in-1 Pet Grooming Kit Vacuum

    Effortless Grooming Made Simple Grooming your furry companion has never been easier with our 5-in-1 Pet Grooming Kit Vacuum. Designed to simplify your pet care routine, this comprehensive kit includes everything you need for a tidy, stress-free grooming experience. With the slicker brush, trimming head, deshedding tool, nozzle, and fabric brush, your pet's coat will look pristine, and your space will remain hair-free. A medium-length, high-quality hose directs all hair into a large 2.3L capacity hair collector, ensuring cleanliness while reducing your grooming time.   Product Features 5-in-1 Kit: Complete set with slicker brush, trimming head, deshedder, nozzle head, and fabric brush for all grooming needs. 2.3L Large Hair Collector: Holds trimmed hair for multiple grooming sessions without frequent emptying. Low Noise: Three adjustable modes with noise levels lower than a standard hair dryer, perfect for sensitive pets. Powerful Suction: Captures 99% of hair directly into the vacuum for a neat and tidy home.   Product Benefits Clean and Efficient: No more hair flying around, as the vacuum system collects all trimmed hair, leaving only 1% to clean. Gentle on Pets: Low-noise modes keep your pets calm and comfortable during grooming sessions. Easy to Use: Slicker brush, deshedder, and trimming heads are versatile, making them suitable for a variety of coat types. Great for Multiple Pets: The 2.3L collector ensures you can groom multiple pets without constantly emptying it.   Why Choose This Grooming Kit? The 5-in-1 Pet Grooming Kit Vacuum stands out with its ability to make grooming hassle-free. It's best used for regular maintenance of your pets' coats to keep them in tip-top shape. The versatile tools cover brushing, deshedding, and trimming, while the large capacity hair collector ensures cleanliness. This kit also keeps anxious pets calm with low noise levels, making the grooming process a stress-free bonding experience. Make grooming an enjoyable part of your routine with this all-in-one solution. Click "Add to Cart" now and start your journey towards a cleaner, happier home with a stress-free grooming kit.


  • 5M LED Retractable Dog Leash

    5M LED Retractable Dog Leash

    Illuminate Your Evening Walks with Ease Upgrade your evening strolls with your furry companion with our 5M LED Retractable Dog Leash. Designed to combine functionality with style, this leash provides the ultimate walking experience for you and your pet. Whether you're taking a leisurely walk around the neighborhood or going for a nighttime jog, our retractable leash ensures both safety and convenience. Unveiling the Features Built-in LED Lights: Our leash features colorful LED lights that illuminate your path, providing visibility during evening walks and ensuring safety for you and your pet. Retractable Design: With a generous 5-meter length, our leash offers freedom of movement for your pet while allowing you to maintain control at all times. Tough and Durable: Crafted from high-quality plastic, our leash is built to withstand daily wear and tear, ensuring long-lasting durability for countless walks to come. 360° Tangle-Free: Say goodbye to frustrating tangles and knots—our leash boasts a smooth retracting mechanism that prevents tangling, allowing for hassle-free walks every time. Reflective Feature: Enhance visibility in low-light conditions with the leash's reflective strip, ensuring that you and your pet remain visible to passing vehicles and pedestrians. Benefits You'll Enjoy Enhanced Safety: Ensure visibility during nighttime walks with the leash's built-in LED lights, providing peace of mind and safety for you and your pet. Convenient Control: Enjoy the freedom of a retractable leash while maintaining control over your pet's movements, allowing for stress-free walks in any environment. Long-Lasting Durability: Invest in a leash that stands the test of time—our tough and durable design ensures reliable performance for all your outdoor adventures. Hassle-Free Walks: Say goodbye to tangled leashes and frustrating knots—our leash's 360° tangle-free design ensures smooth retraction and hassle-free walks every time. Versatile Usage: Perfect for all seasons and suitable for pets up to 35kg, our leash is the ultimate accessory for pet owners who enjoy outdoor activities with their furry friends. Upgrade Your Walking Experience Illuminate your evening walks and enjoy peace of mind with our 5M LED Retractable Dog Leash. With its innovative features and durable design, this leash is a must-have accessory for pet owners who prioritize safety and convenience. Buy now Invest in quality. Invest in convenience. Invest in your pet's safety today!


  • 8-Month Protection Anti Flea & Tick Collar for Small Cats and Dogs

    8-Month Protection Anti Fle...

    Introducing Our 8-Month Protection Anti Flea & Tick Collar Keep your furry friend safe and snug with our Anti Flea & Tick Collar specially designed for small cats and dogs. This adjustable collar provides 8 months of continuous protection, ensuring your pet stays free from pesky parasites. Features: Long-lasting 8-month protection Adjustable design for a comfortable fit Breakaway feature for added safety Effective against fleas and ticks Water-resistant for durability Benefits of Our Anti Flea & Tick Collar: Long-lasting protection: Enjoy peace of mind knowing your pet is safeguarded against fleas and ticks for a full 8 months. Adjustable fit: The collar can be easily adjusted to ensure a comfortable and secure fit for pets of various sizes. Breakaway design: Designed with your pet's safety in mind, the breakaway feature allows for quick release if the collar gets caught on anything. Effective pest control: Say goodbye to irritating fleas and ticks, keeping your pet itch-free and healthy. Water-resistant: Whether your pet loves splashing in puddles or enjoys outdoor adventures, this collar is built to withstand water exposure. When to Use: Our Anti Flea & Tick Collar is ideal for small cats and dogs who love exploring the great outdoors. Whether your pet is a curious kitten or a playful puppy, this collar provides continuous protection against fleas and ticks, allowing them to roam freely without worry. What Makes Our Collar Special? Our Anti Flea & Tick Collar stands out for its long-lasting effectiveness, adjustable design, and commitment to pet safety. With 8 months of protection in one collar, you can trust that your furry friend will stay happy, healthy, and pest-free. Invest in Your Pet's Health Today! Don't let fleas and ticks ruin precious moments with your pet. Invest in their health and happiness with our Anti Flea & Tick Collar. Order now and enjoy peace of mind knowing your furry companion is protected for months to come!

    $17.99 - $18.99

  • 800ml High-Capacity Portable Dog Water Bottle for Outdoor Adventures

    800ml High-Capacity Portabl...

    Ensure your furry friend stays hydrated wherever adventure takes you with our 800ml High-Capacity Portable Dog Water Bottle. Designed for dogs of all sizes, from small pups like Yorkies to large breeds like Golden Retrievers, this bottle is a must-have for outdoor activities such as hiking, walking, or traveling. Available in vibrant colors of green, blue, and pink, it’s not just functional but also stylish. Key Features Large Capacity: Holds 800ml of water to ensure your pet stays hydrated on long trips. Portable & Foldable: Easily collapses into a compact form, making it easy to carry and store. Durable Materials: Made from high-quality ABS and TPR, it’s built to withstand the rigors of outdoor use. Designed for All Dogs: Perfect for small, medium, and large dogs, as well as puppies and cats. Multiple Color Options: Choose from blue, green, or pink to match your style or your pet’s personality. Benefits Convenience on the Go: Provides an easy and convenient way to keep your pet hydrated during outdoor activities. Hygienic: The foldable drinking bowl allows your pet to drink without the mess or waste of water. Easy to Use: Simply unfold, fill, and let your pet drink. It’s that easy to ensure they're hydrated and happy. Eco-Friendly: Reusable and washable, reducing the need for disposable bottles and supporting environmental sustainability. When to Use This Product This water bottle is ideal for any outdoor activity—whether you’re taking a daily walk, going for a long hike, or traveling. It’s especially perfect for warm days when staying hydrated is crucial for your pet’s health and energy levels. What Makes It Special? What sets this dog water bottle apart is its combination of high capacity, portability, and ease of use. It’s specifically designed to meet the hydration needs of your pet, no matter where your adventures take you. The innovative foldable design ensures it can be easily stored in your backpack or car, ready for use whenever your pet needs a drink.


  • Adjustable Height Cat Feeder with Dual Bowls and Neck Protector

    Adjustable Height Cat Feede...

    Enhance Your Cat's Dining Experience Introducing our Adjustable Height Cat Feeder, designed to provide a comfortable and clean dining experience for your beloved feline. This state-of-the-art feeder features dual bowls that are perfect for both food and water, ensuring your cat stays hydrated and well-fed throughout the day. The adjustable height promotes a healthier posture while eating, reducing neck strain and enhancing digestion. Product Features Crafted with your pet's health and safety in mind, our feeder boasts a stable design that resists movement, minimizing spills and accidents. The rounded corners prevent injury during meal times, and the detachable bowls make it easy to clean or serve separately if desired. Made from food-grade PP plastic, this feeder is both durable and safe, making it a perfect choice for pet owners who value longevity and quality. Benefits of Using Our Cat Feeder Neck Protection: The adjustable stand reduces stress on your cat's neck, making it ideal for older pets or those with joint issues. Hygienic: Easy-to-clean components and a non-toxic material keep your cat’s eating area and food sanitary. Durable: High-quality plastic construction ensures that the feeder withstands the test of time. Convenient: Detachable bowls allow for easy meal prep and cleaning. When to Use Our Adjustable Cat Feeder This feeder is ideal for everyday use, particularly beneficial for cats with arthritis, neck pain, or digestive issues. Its versatility makes it suitable for cats of all ages and sizes. Whether upgrading your cat’s feeding station or ensuring a pain-free eating posture, our feeder meets all your needs. What Makes Our Cat Feeder Special? Unlike standard feeders, ours offers an innovative adjustable height feature that caters to your pet’s comfort and health. The unique double bowl design ensures your cat has everything within easy reach, promoting hydration alongside regular feeding. This feeder not only supports your cat's physical health but also adds a touch of modern design to your home. Ready to Improve Your Cat's Quality of Life? With our Adjustable Height Cat Feeder, you’re not just purchasing a product; you're enhancing your cat’s overall well-being. Don’t wait to make meal times easier, safer, and more comfortable for your pet. Order now and see the difference it makes in their daily life!


  • Adjustable Height Dog Bowl Stand with Slow Feeding Option - Suitable for Medium to Large Dogs

    Adjustable Height Dog Bowl ...

    Enhance your dog's dining experience with our Adjustable Height Dog Bowl Stand, designed with your pet's health and comfort in mind. Whether you have a playful puppy or a graceful senior dog, this versatile feeding station meets all their needs, growing right alongside them. Why Choose Our Elevated Dog Bowl Stand? Our product comes equipped with multiple standout features that prioritize your pet's health and your convenience. The adjustable height can be set at three levels to suit dogs of all sizes and ages, reducing neck strain and promoting better posture by providing an ergonomically correct feeding position. The included slow feeding bowl option helps pace eager eaters, reducing bloating and improving digestion. Made from durable ABS plastic with stainless steel bowls, this stand is designed to last while being easy to clean and maintain. Key Features Three adjustable height settings to match your dog's growth stages. 15-degree tilted bowls for comfortable eating. Choice between standard and slow-feed bowls to encourage healthy eating habits. Embedded bowls to prevent tipping and messes. Anti-slip base to keep the stand stable during use. Simple foldable design for easy storage. Benefits Supports digestive health and prevents gastrointestinal discomfort. Protects your dog's cervical spine by reducing the need to stoop. Non-slip feet ensure the stand stays in place, even with the most enthusiastic eaters. Easy to clean and maintain, helping you keep your pet's feeding area hygienic. Stylish and practical design that blends into your home decor seamlessly. When to Use This Product? Our Adjustable Height Dog Bowl Stand is ideal for all stages of a dog’s life—from a growing puppy to an elderly dog. It's particularly beneficial for pets with arthritis or mobility issues. Use it daily to promote slower eating and better digestive health, while also caring for your dog's neck and joint health. What Makes Our Product Special? What sets our dog bowl stand apart is its combination of functionality and care. It's not just a pet accessory; it's a health benefit—an investment in your dog's long-term well-being and comfort. This stand caters to the changing needs of your dog, making it a one-time purchase that adapts and grows with them. Get Yours Today! Don’t wait to improve your pet’s health and comfort. Order now and see the difference in their eating habits and overall posture. Your pet deserves the best—give them a feeding solution that shows how much you care.


  • Adjustable LED Dog Collar - USB Rechargeable, Flashing Safety Light, Multiple Sizes

    Adjustable LED Dog Collar -...

    Illuminate Your Pet's Path Introducing our Adjustable LED Dog Collar, the perfect blend of safety, style, and functionality. Designed for visibility and durability, this collar ensures that your beloved pet remains visible during night walks, reducing the risk of accidents. With its easy USB recharging capability, you can ensure that the collar is always ready for your evening adventures. Product Features USB Rechargeable: Forget about replacing batteries, simply recharge with USB. Three Flashing Modes: Choose from steady, rapid flashing, or slow flash modes to maximize visibility based on your needs. Durable Material: Made from high-quality nylon, designed to withstand all weather conditions. Soft and Comfortable: Your dog won’t even notice they’re wearing it thanks to its lightweight design. Why Choose Our LED Dog Collar? Our LED Dog Collar stands out with its versatility and user-friendly design. It's perfect for use in various settings, whether for a night stroll through the park or during a camping trip. The adjustable sizes and easy-to-use clips ensure a perfect fit for any dog, providing not just safety but also a comfortable wearing experience. When to Use This Product Utilize this LED collar during low-light conditions or in densely trafficked areas to ensure your dog's safety. It's particularly useful during evening walks, foggy morning outings, or any outdoor night activities with your furry friend. Ensure peace of mind knowing your dog is visible to bikers, drivers, and other pedestrians. Benefits of Our LED Dog Collar Enhanced Safety: High visibility from significant distances ensures your dog’s safety in the dark. Energy Efficient: The rechargeable battery offers long-lasting light without the need for frequent charges. Customizable Visibility: Adjustable flashing modes to signal presence effectively based on environmental conditions. All-Weather Use: Rain or shine, this collar is built to last and keep your dog safe in all conditions. Ready to Light Up Your Dog’s Life? Don't wait to enhance your night walks with safety and style. Add our Adjustable LED Dog Collar to your cart and experience peace of mind on every outing. Your pet’s safety and your satisfaction are our top priorities. Join the family of happy pet owners who trust our products to keep their dogs visible and safe!


  • Adjustable No-Pull Dog Harness with Reflective Nylon and Safety Features

    Adjustable No-Pull Dog Harn...

    Discover Comfort and Safety in Every Step Introducing our top-of-the-line Adjustable No-Pull Dog Harness, designed to ensure that your dog's outdoor activities are safe and comfortable. Whether you're walking at dusk or dawn, our harness enhances visibility and safety thanks to its reflective nylon webbing and optional LED light attachments. The ergonomic design eliminates pressure from your dog’s neck, preventing potential injuries and providing a safer alternative to traditional collars. Key Features and Benefits Reflective Material: High-density nylon webbing equipped with 3M reflective for increased visibility during night walks. Comfort Fit: Features breathable mesh lining with soft sponge padding in chest and belly areas for a snug, stress-free fit. Durability: Crafted from scratch-resistant oxford material and fitted with sturdy aviation-grade aluminum buckles for enhanced tensile strength. Easy to Use: Quick and simple to put on and take off, thanks to innovative neck strap designs and adjustable buckles for a perfect fit. Versatile Use: Ideal for daily walking, jogging, training, and even car travel, with a durable handle for securing your dog during rides.   Why Choose Our Dog Harness? This harness stands out with its combination of style, durability, and functionality. It not only prevents the discomfort of pulling but also protects your dog from potential neck and spine injuries associated with sudden movements. The variety of available sizes and colors ensures a perfect match for any dog, enhancing both style and comfort. The addition of light-weight aviation aluminum fittings adds to the ease of use and overall safety of the harness. When to Use This Harness? Our harness is perfect for all seasons and suitable for any time of the day, especially beneficial for nighttime or early morning outings. It’s also ideal for more vulnerable or recovering dogs, providing extra support and control. From casual walks in the park to intense training sessions, this harness keeps your furry friend secure and comfortable. Special Features That Set Us Apart The unique combination of the 3M reflective material, soft padding, and ergonomic design makes this harness a standout choice for pet owners. Enhanced safety features, such as the option to attach Truelove LED lights, ensure that your pet is visible and safe during night-time adventures. Our commitment to quality is evident in every stitch and buckle, making it a durable investment for your pet’s comfort and safety. Act Now! Don't wait to give your dog the comfort and safety they deserve. Upgrade your pet’s harness today and enjoy stress-free outings tomorrow. It’s easy to adjust, comfortable to wear, and built to last. Order now and experience the perfect blend of functionality and style for your outdoor adventures!


  • Adjustable No-Pull Dog Harness: Reflective Padded Vest for All-Season Safety

    Adjustable No-Pull Dog Harn...

    Introducing the Ultimate Comfort Harness for Your Dog Looking for a dog harness that promises comfort, control, and safety, all in one? Our Adjustable No-Pull Dog Harness is exactly what your pet needs. Designed with high-quality nylon and innovative 3M reflective material, this harness ensures your dog stays visible and safe during nighttime walks, while providing a comfortable fit for all-day wear.   Why Choose Our Dog Harness? Our vest-style harness is tailored to eliminate pressure from your dog's neck and distribute it evenly across their chest. This prevents the choking and pulling you get with standard collars. Moreover, the easy-to-use quick-release buckles make it a breeze to put on and take off, ensuring a hassle-free experience for both you and your pet.   Product Features Material: Durable, lightweight nylon paired with 3M reflective strips for high visibility. Design: Ergonomic vest structure offering superior comfort without compromising on safety. Colors Available: Comes in an array of colors including purple, blue, green, and black. Sizes: Available in Small, Medium, Large, and Extra-Large to suit all breeds and sizes. Adjustability: Fully adjustable straps for a custom fit that grows with your dog. Features: Breakaway and quick-release buckles for added safety.   Product Benefits Enhances nighttime visibility and safety with reflective strips. Prevents neck strain and discomfort with a no-pull design. Weather-resistant material, suitable for all seasons. Easy to clean and maintain, ensuring it looks great for years.   When to Use This Harness? This harness is perfect for daily walks, training sessions, and outdoor adventures in any weather. It's especially beneficial for active dogs who require extra visibility during low-light conditions or dogs that tend to pull. The all-season material makes it an ideal choice year-round, ensuring your dog's comfort and safety in all weather conditions.   What Makes Our Product Special? Aside from its superior build and safety features, our dog harness stands out because it’s crafted with care and attention to detail. Each harness is designed to provide a snug fit while ensuring the safety and mobility of your dog. The reflective strips are not just sewn on but are an integral part of the harness design, maximizing visibility to ensure safety at all times.   Get Your Dog the Harness They Deserve Upgrade your dog's walking gear with our Adjustable No-Pull Dog Harness. Safe, stylish, and comfortable— it's everything your pet needs for their daily outings. Don't wait, order now and enjoy more peaceful, enjoyable walks with your furry friend!

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  • Adjustable Reflective No-Pull Dog Harness and Leash Set for Small and Medium Dogs

    Adjustable Reflective No-Pu...

    Introducing the ultimate solution for safer and more comfortable walks with your furry friend! Our Adjustable Reflective No-Pull Dog Harness and Leash Set is designed for small to medium dogs, including favorites like Chihuahuas, Corgis, Pugs, and French Bulldogs. Perfect for everyday use, this harness and leash combo ensures that your pet walks in style and security. Product Features Our dog harness set is crafted with high-quality polyester, featuring a breathable mesh that keeps your dog cool and comfortable. It includes adjustable neck and chest straps for a perfect fit, along with dual metal leash hooks for versatile handling. The harness is equipped with bright reflective strips for superior visibility during nighttime or low-light conditions, ensuring safety at all times. Key Benefits Comfortable Control: Designed to distribute pressure evenly across the chest, not the neck, to prevent choking and pulling. Easy to Use: Simply slide the harness over your dog's head, buckle it up, and adjust the straps for a snug fit. High Visibility: Reflective stitching ensures your dog is highly visible, making it safer for night walks. Durable Construction: Made with strong nylon and a padded cushion, it's built to last and withstand the enthusiasm of your pet. Versatile Use: Ideal for training, walking, jogging, hiking, and more activities. When to Use This Harness This no-pull harness and leash set is perfect for daily walks, training sessions, and outdoor adventures. It's especially useful for pets that tend to pull, as the front hook attachment helps deter this behavior, making walks more enjoyable for both you and your pet. What Makes Our Harness Special? Aside from its no-pull design and comfort features, what sets our harness apart is the meticulous attention to safety and durability. The reflective strips are not just for decoration; they are a critical feature that enhances the safety of your pet in dim environments. Combined with the easy-to-use buckles and adjustable straps, it provides a secure and custom fit for your dog, accommodating growth and ensuring comfort over time.


  • Adjustable Summer Mesh Harness and Leash Set for Small Dogs and Cats

    Adjustable Summer Mesh Harn...

    Introducing the perfect blend of comfort, style, and safety Our Adjustable Summer Mesh Harness and Leash Set is designed to ensure a pleasant walk for both you and your furry friend. Crafted with a lightweight, breathable mesh, this harness keeps your pet cool and comfortable on warm days, making it ideal for summer strolls. Key Features Soft Breathable Mesh: Ensures comfort without irritating your pet's skin. Reflective Piping: Increases visibility during low-light conditions to keep your pet safe. Adjustable Fittings: Easy to adjust for a perfect fit, accommodating pets of various sizes. Durable Leash: Comes with a 1.5m leash made from strong materials to handle the joyous pulls of your pet. Benefits Reduces tugging and pulling, preventing discomfort around your pet’s neck. Enhances safety with its reflective feature, making it ideal for evening walks. Keeps your pet cool with its breathable fabric, perfect for summer. Multiple sizes available, ensuring a good fit for different breeds and sizes. Product Usage This harness set is not only great for daily walks but also for various outdoor activities that require additional control and security without compromising on comfort. It's especially useful during the warmer months when your pet needs light and airy materials. Why Choose Our Harness? Our harness sets itself apart with its combination of safety features, comfort, and ease of use. The reflective accents provide added visibility for nighttime safety, and the breathable mesh material ensures your pet remains cool and comfortable during hot days. With its easy-to-adjust straps, you can quickly fit the harness to your pet, making it ready for immediate use. Whether it's a quick stroll around the block or a more extended adventure in the park, this harness meets all your pet's needs. Don't wait to enhance your pet's comfort and safety during walks. Order your Adjustable Summer Mesh Harness and Leash Set today and enjoy stress-free, enjoyable walks with your beloved pet. Perfect for small dogs and cats, this harness is the ultimate choice for pet owners looking for a reliable, stylish, and safe solution.


  • Aluminum Camping Mug

    Aluminum Camping Mug

    Essential Gear for Every Outdoor Enthusiast Step up your outdoor gear with our Aluminum Camping Mug, a must-have for any trekking, hiking, or camping enthusiast. This rugged, lightweight cup is designed to accompany you on even the most adventurous treks. Whether you're sipping coffee at sunrise or warming up with tea after a long day, our durable camping mug is your perfect outdoor companion. Durable and Designed for the Outdoors Made from high-quality aluminum alloy, this mug is built to withstand the rigors of outdoor use while being light enough to carry anywhere. Its 0.3L capacity is perfect for a hearty serving of your favorite beverage, and it's safe for use with boiling water, making it ideal for preparing instant meals or hot drinks on the trail. Material: Robust aluminium alloy for long-lasting use. Capacity: 300ml, perfect for personal servings of beverages or soup. Heat Resistant: Can handle boiling water, suitable for making hot drinks or meals. Design: Sleek, no-fuss design with a practical handle for easy gripping. Perfect for All Your Adventures This camping mug excels in versatility. It's not just for drinking—use it to measure ingredients, heat liquids, or even small meals. Its compact design and sturdy handle make it easy to clip to the outside of your backpack, saving valuable space inside. The simple yet functional build ensures it fits seamlessly with the rest of your gear. Why Our Camping Mug Stands Out Unlike other camping mugs, ours is crafted with a focus on minimalism and efficiency. The lightweight aluminum alloy ensures it’s easy to carry without adding bulk, making it ideal for minimalist packers and through-hikers. Plus, its ability to handle boiling water expands its use beyond just a drinking cup, providing practicality and versatility in outdoor cooking scenarios. Take It Everywhere Lightweight Design: Easily attaches to your pack and won’t weigh you down. Multi-Use Functionality: More than just a mug; a versatile piece of camping cookware. Robust Construction: Made to endure the outdoor elements and frequent use. Streamlined and Stylish: Fits any outdoor enthusiast’s aesthetic with a functional, sleek design. Don't let your adventure be hampered by bulky, heavy gear. Grab our Aluminum Camping Mug today and lighten your load while maximizing your outdoor cooking and drinking experience!


  • Automatic Cat Water Fountain & Feeder 3L - Dual-Function Pet Hydration Station

    Automatic Cat Water Fountai...

    Discover the Ultimate Hydration Experience for Your Feline Friend Keep your cat happy and hydrated with our innovative Automatic Cat Water Fountain & Feeder. This 2-in-1 solution ensures that your pet has fresh, clean water and food at all times, making it the perfect accessory for busy pet owners. Designed for simplicity and efficiency, this dispenser caters to your pet's feeding and drinking needs without any hassle. Key Features Our Automatic Cat Water Fountain & Feeder boasts several impressive features that make it a must-have for cat owners: Large Capacity: Holds up to 3 liters of water, reducing the frequency of refills. Integrated Feeding Bowl: Conveniently combines a water dispenser and feeding bowl in one unit. Recirculating Filtration System: Keeps water clean and fresh, encouraging your cat to drink more. Powered by Charging: Easy to set up anywhere without the need for constant battery replacement. Durable Plastic Construction: Ensures long-lasting use and easy cleaning. Benefits for Your Pet Using our Automatic Cat Water Fountain & Feeder provides numerous benefits for both you and your pet: Hydration: Encourages your cat to drink more water, keeping them hydrated and healthy. Convenience: Automatically provides fresh water and food, perfect for busy pet owners. Peace of Mind: Know that your cat has access to fresh water and food at all times, even when you're away. Reduces Mess: The compact and contained design minimizes spills and keeps your feeding area tidy. Why Choose Our Water Fountain & Feeder? This product is specially designed for the comfort and health of cats. The recirculating water system not only keeps the water fresh but also attracts your pet to drink more, which is crucial for their kidney and urinary health. Its automatic feeding capability ensures that your cat is fed regularly, making it ideal for use during short trips away from home. Additionally, the simple, chargeable power source and the easy-to-clean materials make it a practical choice for modern pet owners.


  • Automatic Cat Water Fountain with Dual Flow Modes and Smart Sensor

    Automatic Cat Water Fountai...

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    Ensure your pet stays hydrated with our sleek and smart Automatic Cat Water Fountain. Designed with the health and convenience of your beloved pet in mind, this water dispenser features a transparent, food-grade PC material that is safe, non-toxic, and durable. Perfect for busy pet owners, it offers a generous 2-liter capacity and dual water flow modes to cater to your pet's preferences. Key Features Dual Water Flow Modes: Choose between Faucet Mode for a gentle trickle or Fountain Mode for a free-flowing stream. Smart Silent Pump: Our pump operates quietly with minimal noise, ensuring a peaceful environment. Transparent Design: Fully transparent material allows pets and owners to see the water level easily. Large Capacity: The 2-liter reservoir reduces the need for frequent refills and supports multiple pets. Product Benefits Cleaner Water: A replaceable charcoal filter removes hair, odors, and chlorine, improving taste and quality of the water. Health Promoting: Encourages hydration which is essential for your pet’s kidney and metabolic health. Easy to Clean: Simple quick-release structure allows for easy disassembly and cleaning. USB Powered: Convenient USB connection provides a safe and easy way to power up. Low Maintenance: The intelligent sensor mode suggests filter changes every 2 months, saving time and effort. Why Choose Our Water Fountain? This product is ideal for pet owners looking to provide a constant source of clean, fresh water to their pets. The smart design minimizes noise and maintenance, while the large capacity means your pet is always able to access fresh water, making it perfect for use while you're at work or busy around the house. The stylish and transparent design not only makes it easy to monitor the water level but also adds a touch of modern style to your home decor.

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  • Automatic Pet Feeder with Camera

    Automatic Pet Feeder with C...

    Discover the Ultimate Solution for Busy Pet Parents Introducing the Automatic Pet Feeder with Camera, the revolutionary device that ensures your furry friends are always fed, happy, and healthy, even when you're away. Product Features: Integrated camera for real-time video monitoring of your pet Smart voice recorder to call your pet during feeding times Remote control functionality for feeding on-the-go Adjustable feeding portions from 100g to 300g Convenient time setting feature for precise feeding schedules Durable plastic construction for long-lasting use Compatible with both cats and dogs Smart device enabled for seamless connectivity Benefits You and Your Pet Will Love: Peace of mind knowing your pet is fed and cared for, even when you're not home Stay connected with your furry friend through the built-in camera and voice recorder Customizable feeding portions ensure your pet receives the right amount of food every time Set precise feeding schedules to accommodate your pet's routine Eliminate the need for manual feeding, saving you time and effort Durable construction ensures reliable performance for years to come Perfect for busy pet parents, frequent travelers, or anyone with a hectic schedule Your Pet Deserves the Best Invest in your pet's well-being with the Automatic Pet Feeder with Camera. Say goodbye to worries about feeding times and enjoy peace of mind knowing your furry friend is always taken care of. Order yours today and experience the convenience of modern pet parenting!


  • Automatic Pet Foam Dispenser

    Automatic Pet Foam Dispenser

    Keep Your Pet Clean and Happy Introducing our Automatic Pet Foam Dispenser, the perfect solution for hassle-free pet cleaning. With its innovative design and convenient features, this dispenser makes bath time a breeze for both you and your furry friend. Key Features: Automatic foam dispenser for easy and efficient pet cleaning USB rechargeable for cordless operation and convenience Waterproof design with IPX7 rating for worry-free use in wet environments Large capacity of 400ml to hold plenty of shampoo or soap Compatible with all kinds of shampoos, ensuring versatility Long working time of approximately 2 hours on a single charge Quick charging time of just 3 hours for minimal downtime Compact and sleek design in white color for a modern aesthetic Benefits: Make bath time more enjoyable for your pet with the gentle and foamy lather Reduce waste and mess with the precise foam dispensing mechanism Eliminate the need for manual pumping or squeezing, saving you time and effort Ensure thorough cleaning with the consistent and controlled foam output Keep your pet's skin and fur healthy with the use of quality shampoos Enjoy the convenience of cordless operation with the USB rechargeable design Upgrade Your Pet's Bath Time Experience! Don't let bath time be a chore anymore. Treat your pet to the luxury they deserve with our Automatic Pet Foam Dispenser. Order now and enjoy cleaner, happier, and stress-free grooming sessions for you and your beloved pet!


  • Automatic Pet Hair Straightening Comb

    Automatic Pet Hair Straight...

    Say Goodbye to Tangled Fur Introducing our Automatic Pet Hair Straightening Comb, the ultimate solution for grooming your beloved pets with ease and efficiency. Say goodbye to tangled fur and hello to silky-smooth coats with this innovative grooming tool. Key Features: Automatic spray function for effortless detangling and straightening Rechargeable design for convenient use anytime, anywhere Compact size for easy handling and storage Durable plastic construction for long-lasting performance Water tank capacity of 28ml for extended grooming sessions Utilizes ABS material and steel needle comb for gentle yet effective grooming Charging time of just 3 hours for quick replenishment Provides approximately 80 minutes of continuous use on a single charge Benefits: Effortlessly detangle and straighten your pet's fur with the push of a button Reduce grooming time and stress for both you and your pet with the automatic spray function Enjoy the convenience of cordless operation with the rechargeable design Keep your pet's coat looking healthy and shiny with regular use of the comb Prevent discomfort and skin irritation caused by tangled fur and mats Enhance bonding moments with your pet through stress-free grooming sessions Why Choose Our Pet Hair Straightening Comb? What sets our Automatic Pet Hair Straightening Comb apart is its innovative design and reliable performance. Unlike traditional grooming tools, this comb combines the power of steam with gentle combing action to effortlessly transform your pet's coat, leaving them looking and feeling their best.


  • Automatic Pet Soap and Shampoo Dispenser

    Automatic Pet Soap and Sham...

    Enhance your pet's grooming routine with the innovative Automatic Pet Soap and Shampoo Dispenser. Designed specifically for pets, this dispenser provides a convenient and mess-free way to clean your furry friends. Whether you have a playful pup or a curious cat, make bath time a breeze with this essential accessory. Product Features Material: Durable, high-quality plastic Capacity: 500ML, perfect for multiple wash sessions Power Mode: USB rechargeable, eco-friendly and portable Waterproof Rating: IPX5, suitable for bathroom use Voltage Compatibility: 110-240V, adaptable to various power supplies Charging Time: About 3.5 hours for full charge Working Time: Up to 4.5 hours, ensuring multiple uses on a single charge Benefits of Using This Dispenser Hygienic Solution: Automatically dispenses soap or shampoo with a simple touch, reducing spillage and waste. Universal Compatibility: Suitable for all kinds of pet shampoos, offering versatility for your pet's grooming needs. Effortless Operation: Easy to fill and recharge, making it ideal for regular use. Enhanced Waterproof Design: Ensures durability and longevity, even in wet bathroom environments. When to Use This Dispenser Perfect for daily use, the Automatic Pet Soap and Shampoo Dispenser shines during your pet's bath time. It's especially handy for pets who resist traditional bathing methods, offering a quick and stress-free cleaning experience. Use it indoors or even outdoors if you have a portable water source and enjoy a cleaner pet with less hassle. What Makes This Product Special? This dispenser stands out due to its smart, automatic foam creation that ensures a gentle yet thorough cleaning. The hassle-free USB charging and long battery life make it a practical choice for pet owners who value efficiency and effectiveness in their pet care tools.


  • Automatic Pet Water Fountain with 2.2L Capacity

    Automatic Pet Water Fountai...

    Discover Clean and Hygienic Water for Your Beloved Pets Introducing our Automatic Pet Water Fountain with a generous 2.2L capacity, ensuring your furry companions stay hydrated throughout the day. This innovative fountain features advanced 4 times filtration and purification, guaranteeing pristine drinking water for your pets. Simulating the gentle flow of a cat's head running water, this fountain boasts a faucet design that entices pets to drink more, promoting their well-being and hydration. Key Features: 4 times Filtration for Pure Water 2 Ways to Drink Water for Added Fun 2.2L Large Capacity, Perfect for Multiple Pets Emergency Water Storage for Power Outages Silent Water Pump for Undisturbed Sleep USB Powered with Low Power Consumption Non-slip Feet for Stability and Safety Benefits of Our Pet Water Fountain: Ensures Clean and Hygienic Water for Pets Encourages Pets to Drink More Water for Better Health Provides Ample Water Supply for Multiple Pets Peace of Mind with Emergency Water Storage Promotes Quiet and Restful Sleep for Both Pets and Owners Easy-to-use USB Power Option with Minimal Energy Consumption Stable and Safe Design for Pet's Comfort When to Use: This Automatic Pet Water Fountain is ideal for households with cats, dogs, or multiple pets. It's perfect for everyday use, ensuring your pets have access to clean and fresh water at all times. Additionally, it's especially handy during power outages, thanks to its emergency water storage feature. Why Choose Our Pet Water Fountain? Our fountain goes beyond just providing water; it's a solution crafted to enhance your pet's well-being. With its advanced filtration, large capacity, and thoughtful design, it ensures your pets receive the best care possible. Say goodbye to worries about hydration and hello to happy, healthy pets! Invest in the well-being of your furry friends today with our Automatic Pet Water Fountain!


  • Automatic Retractable Pet Leash

    Automatic Retractable Pet L...

    Experience Unmatched Freedom Introducing the Automatic Retractable Pet Leash, the perfect companion for your outdoor adventures with your furry friend. With its innovative design and reliable functionality, this leash offers unparalleled freedom and convenience for both you and your pet. Key Features: Automatic retractable mechanism for easy control and flexibility Durable nylon material ensures strength and reliability Available in 3m and 5m lengths to suit your needs Solid pattern design for a sleek and stylish look Lightweight construction for comfortable handling during walks Suitable for all seasons, providing year-round usability Designed for pets weighing up to 35kg, perfect for small to medium-sized dogs and cats Benefits: Give your pet the freedom to explore while maintaining control with the retractable leash Enjoy hassle-free walks with the automatic retractable mechanism, eliminating the need for manual winding Experience peace of mind knowing that your pet is safely secured with the durable nylon material Adapt to any environment with the leash's all-season design, ensuring year-round usability Enhance your pet's comfort with the lightweight construction, minimizing strain on both you and your furry friend Make walks more enjoyable for both you and your pet with the extended length options Claim Yours Today! Don't let your furry friend miss out on the freedom they deserve. Upgrade your outdoor adventures with our Automatic Retractable Pet Leash and experience unmatched convenience and control. Order now and make every walk a joyful experience for you and your beloved pet!

    $34.99 - $39.99

  • Automatic WIFI Smart Cat Feeder

    Automatic WIFI Smart Cat Fe...

    Introducing Our Automatic WIFI Smart Cat Feeder Say goodbye to worrying about feeding your beloved pet on time with our innovative Automatic WIFI Cat Feeder. This smart pet food dispenser is designed to make your life easier by automatically dispensing dry food for your furry friend, whether you're at home or away. With convenient features and reliable performance, it's the perfect solution for busy pet owners. Product Features Automatic Dispensing: Our cat feeder allows you to schedule up to 4 meals a day, ensuring that your pet is fed on time, every time. Simply set the feeding times and portion sizes using the easy-to-use remote control or smartphone app. WIFI Connectivity: Connect the feeder to your home WIFI network to access additional features and control settings remotely from your smartphone. Whether you're at work, on vacation, or running errands, you can always keep an eye on your pet's feeding schedule. Large Capacity: With a spacious 2L food storage capacity, our feeder can hold enough dry food to keep your pet satisfied for several days. Say goodbye to constant refilling and enjoy peace of mind knowing that your pet always has access to food. Customizable Portions: Adjust the portion sizes to meet your pet's individual dietary needs. Choose from a minimum output of 50g to a maximum output of 200g per meal, ensuring that your pet receives the right amount of food every time. Stainless Steel Bowl: The feeder comes with a durable 340 stainless steel bowl that is easy to clean and resistant to rust and corrosion. Your pet can enjoy their meals in style and comfort. Compact and Lightweight: Measuring just 250*166*285mm and weighing approximately 1kg, our feeder is compact and lightweight, making it easy to place in any room of your home. It's the perfect solution for small apartments or homes with limited space. Benefits of Our Automatic WIFI Cat Feeder Convenience: Enjoy the convenience of automatic feeding, even when you're not at home. Our feeder takes the stress out of mealtime and ensures that your pet is always fed on schedule. Peace of Mind: Never worry about your pet going hungry again. With our feeder, you can rest assured that your furry friend will always have access to food, even when you're away. Customization: Customize the feeding schedule and portion sizes to suit your pet's needs. Whether you have a small kitten or a large adult cat, our feeder can accommodate pets of all sizes. Easy to Use: Set up and use our feeder with ease, thanks to its intuitive design and user-friendly controls. The LCD display provides clear and easy-to-read information, making mealtime management a breeze. Quality Construction: Our feeder is made from high-quality materials that are built to last. With proper care and maintenance, it will provide years of reliable service, keeping your pet happy and healthy. Make Feeding Time a Breeze with Our Automatic WIFI Cat Feeder Simplify your life and ensure that your pet always receives the nutrition they need with our Automatic WIFI Cat Feeder. Whether you're at home or on the go, you can trust our feeder to keep your pet fed and happy. Order yours today and experience the convenience of automated feeding!


  • Automatic Wireless Pet Water Fountain with Dual Drinking Zones

    Automatic Wireless Pet Wate...

    Keep your pets hydrated and healthy with our Automatic Wireless Pet Water Fountain. Designed specifically for cats and dogs, this innovative water dispenser ensures fresh, clean water is always available. Its wireless design and intuitive operation make it a must-have accessory for every pet owner. Ideal for daily use, this fountain encourages pets to drink more water, promoting better hydration and overall health. Key Features The fountain boasts a range of features that cater to the needs of your pets: Automatic water dispensing for consistent fresh water supply Adjustable output from 50g to 200g to suit the drinking needs of any pet Time setting feature to customize replenishment schedules Durable plastic construction that's easy to clean and maintain Operates wirelessly, allowing flexible placement without the hassle of cords Product Benefits Our pet water fountain offers several benefits that make it an exceptional choice: Hydration on Demand: Fresh water is always available for your pet, enhancing their drinking habits and health. Stress-Free Maintenance: Easy to clean and maintain, this fountain takes the hassle out of keeping your pet's drinking water pure and fresh. Customizable Settings: With its time setting options, you can ensure that your pet has access to water exactly when they need it. Modern Design: Sleek and modern, the fountain fits well in any home decor, making it as stylish as it is practical. When to Use This Product This water fountain is ideal for daily use, especially when you want to ensure that your pets have access to clean water throughout the day. It's perfect for pet owners who work long hours or are frequently away from home, as the fountain's capacity and automatic features keep pets hydrated without constant refills. What Makes This Product Special? Unlike standard water bowls, our Automatic Wireless Pet Water Fountain is designed to offer consistent, clean water without the need for frequent manual intervention. Its dual drinking zones cater to pets with different hydration needs, ensuring that they remain hydrated and happy, regardless of their size or the weather.


  • Banana Cat Bed House - Cozy Pet Bed for Cats and Dogs

    Banana Cat Bed House - Cozy...

    Give Your Pet the Coziest Retreat with Our Banana Cat Bed House! Indulge your furry friend with the ultimate snuggle spot – our Banana Cat Bed House is here to whisk them away to a world of warmth and comfort. Crafted with love and care, this adorable pet bed is designed to make your pet purr with joy. Features: Cute banana shape that adds a touch of whimsy to any room Super soft short plush fabric for unparalleled coziness 2.0cm thick sponge padding for extra comfort and support Available in 6 vibrant colors to suit your pet's personality Comes in 4 sizes to accommodate pets of all shapes and sizes Portable and lightweight design for easy transport Durable construction for long-lasting use Benefits: Your pet will adore the plush comfort of the banana-shaped bed Keeps your furry friend warm and snug during chilly days Choose from a variety of colors and sizes to match your pet's preferences Portable design allows you to take your pet's favorite bed anywhere Durable materials ensure years of use without losing its shape or softness Provides a sense of security and privacy for your pet When to Use: Our Banana Cat Bed House is perfect for any time your pet needs a cozy retreat. Whether it's naptime, bedtime, or simply lounging around, this bed provides the ideal spot for your furry friend to relax and unwind. Use it in your living room, bedroom, or even take it on the go for travel adventures. What Makes Our Product Special? What sets our Banana Cat Bed House apart is its thoughtful design and unmatched comfort. From the cute banana shape to the plush interior, every detail is crafted with your pet's happiness in mind. Plus, with a range of colors and sizes to choose from, you can find the perfect bed to suit your pet's unique style and needs. Give your beloved pet the gift of luxury and warmth with our Banana Cat Bed House. Order now and treat your furry friend to the ultimate cozy retreat!

    $24.99 - $43.99

  • Bathroom Silicone Pet Massage Brush - Soft and Safe Bath Tool for Dogs, Cats, and Kids

    Bathroom Silicone Pet Massa...

    Indulge Your Pets and Kids with Gentle Bath Time! Transform bath time into a soothing experience for your furry friends or little ones with our Bathroom Silicone Pet Massage Brush. Crafted with high-quality silicone, this innovative bath tool offers a gentle massage while effectively cleansing, making bath time enjoyable for all. Key Features: Soft, durable silicone bristles Firm and wear-resistant construction Square-shaped design for easy grip Available in vibrant yellow, pink, and green Benefits You'll Love: Gentle Cleansing: Soft bristles ensure a thorough clean without irritating sensitive skin. Relaxing Massage: Treat your pets or kids to a spa-like massage experience during bath time, promoting relaxation and bonding. Durable Design: Made from premium silicone, our brush is built to last, providing long-lasting use. Easy to Use: Simply slip on the glove and massage away dirt and grime with ease. Versatile: Ideal for use on dogs, cats, and even kids, making it a versatile addition to any household. When to Use: Our Silicone Pet Massage Brush is perfect for bath time routines with your beloved pets or little ones. Whether it's washing your furry friend after a muddy adventure or gently cleaning your baby's delicate skin, this bath tool is your go-to solution for a stress-free bathing experience. Why Choose Our Brush? Our Bathroom Silicone Pet Massage Brush stands out for its exceptional quality and thoughtful design. Unlike traditional bath brushes, our glove-like design fits comfortably on your hand, allowing for effortless grooming and massage. The soft silicone bristles ensure a thorough yet gentle cleanse, making it suitable for even the most sensitive skin. Plus, its durable construction means you can enjoy years of use without worrying about wear and tear. Experience the Joy of Bath Time! Add our Silicone Pet Massage Brush to your bathing routine and witness the difference it makes. Treat your pets or kids to a luxurious spa-like experience while achieving a thorough clean every time. Order now and make bath time a breeze!


  • Cactus Cat Tree Floor to Ceiling

    Cactus Cat Tree Floor to Ce...

    Transform Your Home into a Feline Wonderland with Our Cactus Cat Tree Bring the outdoors inside for your beloved indoor cat with our H239-275cm Cactus Cat Tree Floor to Ceiling. This innovative cat tree boasts a captivating cactus design and adjustable height feature, providing your furry friend with the ultimate playground right in your living space. Product Features: Adjustable Height: With 5 levels of push-covered platforms and an adjustable tension rod, this cat tree can reach heights from 239cm to 275cm, accommodating room ceilings of varying heights Modern Design: Featuring a cactus shape with thick sisal rope-covered poles and carpeted platforms, this cat tree adds a touch of style to your home decor while satisfying your cat's natural instincts Designed for Cats' Natural Instincts: Cats love to climb and explore high places, and this cat tree provides ample opportunities for them to do so while also offering sisal-covered scratching posts and dangling balls for play and exercise Accommodates Multiple Cats: With multiple platforms, a cozy hammock, and a funny acrylic nest, this cat tree is perfect for households with multiple cats, allowing them to play, rest, and perch simultaneously Stable Structure: The sturdy particleboard base and thick poles ensure stability and safety for your cats, while the adjustable tension rod keeps the tree securely in place between floors and ceilings What Makes Our Product Special: Unique Design: The cactus shape and adjustable height feature set this cat tree apart, making it both functional and aesthetically pleasing Promotes Healthy Behavior: Provides opportunities for exercise, scratching, and play, helping to keep your cat mentally and physically stimulated Quality Construction: Made from durable materials and designed for stability, ensuring long-lasting enjoyment for you and your cat Space-Saving Solution: Utilizes vertical space in your home, making it ideal for apartments or small living spaces Easy to Assemble: Simple assembly process allows you to set up your cat tree quickly and easily, so your furry friend can start enjoying it right away Invest in your cat's happiness and well-being with our Cactus Cat Tree Floor to Ceiling. Treat them to a jungle adventure they'll love! Order now and watch your cat climb to new heights!

    $140.99 - $196.99

  • Camping Mini Portable Foldable Table

    Camping Mini Portable Folda...

    50 in stock

    Introducing the Ultra-Light Foldable Camping Table Are you an outdoor enthusiast looking for the ultimate solution to your picnic, barbecue, or camping needs? Look no further! The Camping Mini Portable Foldable Table is here to revolutionize your outdoor adventures. Crafted with premium aluminum, this table combines durability, portability, and functionality like never before. Product Features Compact and foldable design for easy storage and transport Sturdy aluminum construction ensures stability on any terrain Multi-purpose tabletop suitable for picnics, barbecues, camping, fishing, and more Includes a convenient cloth bag for hassle-free carrying Designed for use in all four seasons, making it ideal for year-round outdoor activities Benefits You'll Love Enjoy hassle-free outdoor dining with a stable surface to place your food and drinks. Set up your workstation anywhere with ease, whether you're camping in the wilderness or enjoying a day at the beach. Say goodbye to bulky, cumbersome tables – our ultra-light design allows you to carry it effortlessly wherever you go. Experience peace of mind knowing that your table can withstand the rigors of outdoor use, thanks to its durable aluminum construction. Enhance your outdoor experience with a versatile table that adapts to your needs, whether you're cooking, dining, or relaxing under the stars. The Perfect Companion for Your Outdoor Adventures Whether you're embarking on a camping trip, enjoying a picnic in the park, or hosting a barbecue in your backyard, the Ultra-Light Foldable Camping Table is your go-to solution for all your outdoor dining and entertainment needs. Its compact size and lightweight design make it easy to carry in your backpack or car trunk, ensuring you're always prepared for impromptu outdoor gatherings.  

    50 in stock


  • Cat Door Interior/Exterior Locking

    Cat Door Interior/Exterior ...

    Give Your Cat the Freedom They Deserve Let your cat explore their kingdom with the Large Cat Door Interior/Exterior. Designed with a strong, durable ABS plastic frame, this versatile pet door is ideal for giving your feline companion the freedom they desire while keeping unwanted guests out. Whether installed on an interior door or an exterior wall, your cat will have full control over their access to your home, making it easier to manage their indoor and outdoor routines. Key Features of the Cat Door 4-Way Locking System: Choose from four locking modes: swing out only, swing in only, free movement, or fully locked, giving you complete control over your cat's comings and goings. Thoughtful Design: The transparent flap lets your cat see through, reducing anxiety. It's also water-resistant and features a brush strip to minimize noise when the door closes. Universal Applications: Suitable for various installation points like windows, doors, and even cupboards. The compact size is perfect for cats lighter than 28 lbs and with a waist circumference shorter than 25 inches. Easy Installation: Complete with clear instructions for a hassle-free setup, allowing you to install it wherever your cat needs quick access. Durable Construction: Built to last with high-quality ABS plastic that's weather-resistant, ensuring longevity and smooth operation even with frequent use. Benefits for Your Furry Friend Encourages your cat's natural instincts to explore and exercise, promoting their well-being. Makes litter box trips easier, reducing indoor odors and minimizing your daily clean-up. Helps control your cat's outdoor access, giving them freedom while ensuring their safety. Ensures peace of mind with easy locking options to prevent unexpected entries or exits. Reduces stress and boredom for your cat by offering them a sense of autonomy. Empower Your Cat Today Offer your beloved feline friend the freedom they crave while maintaining control with the Large Cat Door Interior/Exterior. Whether they're indoor explorers or outdoor adventurers, this cat door is the perfect way to keep them happy and safe. Secure your cat door today and experience the difference it makes!

    $37.99 - $53.99

  • Cat Grooming Hammock - Nail Trimming and Bathing Restraint Bag

    Cat Grooming Hammock - Nail...

    Make pet grooming a breeze with our Cat Grooming Hammock, an essential tool designed to simplify nail trimming, bathing, and grooming processes. This multifunctional restraint bag not only keeps your furry friend secure but also ensures their comfort with its breathable, skin-friendly fabric. Available in a range of colors, including Army Green, Red, Blue, and Black, it integrates style with functionality, making it a perfect addition to your pet care routine. Key Features Breathable polyester material that is gentle on your pet’s skin. Convenient design that exposes the pet’s head and limbs for easier grooming. Strong and durable build, featuring a new upgraded portable part for enhanced reliability. Includes a beauty hammock and two hooks for easy setup. Benefits Stress-free grooming sessions as pets remain calm and restrained. Safe and comfortable holding position that prevents scratching and biting. Easy to clean and maintain, ensuring hygiene and health. Suitable for both cats and dogs, making it versatile for multi-pet households. When to Use Our Cat Grooming Hammock is perfect for routine grooming sessions, including nail trimming and bathing. It’s especially useful for pets that tend to resist grooming or get anxious during these activities. By providing a secure and comfortable hold, it makes grooming tasks quicker and less stressful for both you and your pet. What Makes It Special The special design of our grooming hammock keeps your pet in an ideal position for grooming without causing discomfort or stress. The large contact area ensures that weight is evenly distributed, preventing any harm while hanging. This feature, combined with the unrestrained feel for the limbs, allows pets to stay more relaxed through the grooming process. Customer Promise We are committed to quality, enthusiasm in service, and customer satisfaction. If you have any concerns or need assistance, we encourage positive communication to help solve any issues. Your positive feedback and satisfaction drive our success.


  • Cat Hammock Window Seat

    Cat Hammock Window Seat

    Introducing the Ultimate Cat Hammock Window Seat Give your beloved feline the purr-fect perch with our Cat Hammock Window Seat. Designed for maximum comfort and durability, this pet hammock provides a sunny spot for your kitty to lounge in style. Crafted from high-quality Oxford Fabric, it's not just a bed; it's a cozy retreat your cat will adore. Features: Type: Cat Hammock Material: Oxford Fabric Special Type: Window Mounted Cat Hanging Bed Includes: Strong Suction Cups for Easy Installation Durable Construction for Long-lasting Use Benefits: Provides a Comfortable Sunlit Spot: Your cat will bask in the warmth of natural sunlight while lounging in this cozy hammock. Space-Saving Design: Perfect for small apartments or homes, this window-mounted hammock saves valuable floor space. Easy Installation: With strong suction cups, setup is a breeze, allowing your cat to enjoy their new hangout in no time. Durable Construction: Made from high-quality Oxford Fabric, this hammock is built to withstand your cat's playful antics. Supports up to 25 KG: Suitable for cats of all sizes, providing a secure and comfortable resting place. Encourages Natural Behavior: Cats love to perch and observe their surroundings, and this hammock allows them to do so safely and comfortably. When to Use: This Cat Hammock Window Seat is ideal for any time your cat craves a cozy spot to relax and observe the world outside. Whether it's a lazy afternoon nap or a leisurely sunbathing session, this hammock provides the perfect vantage point for your feline friend. Make Your Cat's Dreams Come True Upgrade your cat's lounging experience with our Cat Hammock Window Seat today. Easy to install, durable, and designed for maximum comfort, it's the ultimate treat for your furry companion. Give your cat the gift of luxury and relaxation with this must-have cat accessory.

    $55.99 - $73.99

  • Cat Massage Comb & Scratcher: Ultimate Grooming and Relaxation

    Cat Massage Comb & Scratche...

    Indulge Your Feline Friend with Luxury Grooming Your beloved cat deserves the best, and our Cat Massage Comb & Scratcher delivers just that. Crafted with soft silicone material, it offers a gentle massage and grooming experience, ensuring your pet's comfort and happiness. Features: Safe and Comfortable: Made of soft silicone material, elastic and durable. Adjustable Design: Protects furniture, fits wall corners and table legs (35-55mm diameter). Variable Application: Soothes itching, removes loose hair, tangles, and dirt. Relaxing Cat Groomer: Designed for a relaxing experience for pets of different breeds and sizes. Practical Gift: Enhances cat's wellbeing, perfect present idea for holidays and birthdays.   Benefits: Promotes relaxation and reduces stress for your cat. Keeps furniture safe from scratches and damage. Helps maintain your pet's coat health by removing loose hair, tangles, and dirt. Easy to install and adjust, suitable for any wall corner or table leg. Durable and long-lasting, providing endless grooming sessions for your furry friend.   Experience the Difference With our Cat Massage Comb & Scratcher, grooming your cat becomes a luxurious experience. Say goodbye to scratched furniture and tangled fur, and hello to a happy, healthy pet. Whether it's a holiday gift or a daily indulgence, this product is sure to delight both you and your feline companion. Treat your cat to the ultimate pampering session today! Introducing the Cat Corner Scratcher: Self-Grooming and Massage Comb Give your furry friend the ultimate pampering experience with our Cat Corner Scratcher. Designed for cats of all breeds and sizes, this innovative self-grooming and massage comb will keep your pet entertained while promoting a healthy coat and skin. Constructed with soft silicone material, our Cat Corner Scratcher ensures a safe and comfortable grooming session for your cat. The elastic and durable design provide gentle massage and grooming, effectively removing loose hair, tangles, and dirt. Here are some key features of our Cat Corner Scratcher: Soft silicone material for a gentle massage Adjustable design to fit wall corners and table legs (35-55mm diameter) Helps soothe itching and remove loose hair, tangles, and dirt Compact and easy to install, suitable for cats and dogs Available in two stylish colors: avocado green and milky white Now, let's explore the benefits of our Cat Corner Scratcher: Keeps your cat entertained while protecting your furniture Promotes a healthy coat and skin by removing loose hair and dirt Provides a relaxing grooming experience for your pet Compact and versatile design, suitable for various body parts Ideal gift for pet lovers on holidays, birthdays, or any special occasion Don't miss out on the opportunity to enhance your cat's well-being with our Cat Corner Scratcher. Whether your furry friend needs relief from itching or simply enjoys a good scratch, this product is the perfect solution. Invest in your pet's happiness and healthiness today with our Cat Corner Scratcher. Order now and give your cat the gift of self-grooming!


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