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  • High-Speed 45000RPM Rechargeable Electric Nail Drill Machine with LCD Display for Manicure and Polishing

    High-Speed 45000RPM Recharg...

    Discover the perfect blend of power and precision Designed for professionals and home enthusiasts alike, this versatile tool offers top-tier performance with an easy-to-use interface, making it an essential addition to your nail care arsenal. Key Features Adjustable Speed: Experience control like never before with speeds ranging from 0 to 45000 RPM. Tailor your tool to your task seamlessly. Long-Lasting Battery: With a 2600mAh capacity, charge for just 2 hours and enjoy up to 10 hours of continuous use. Smart LCD Display: Keep track of speed, direction, and battery life on a clear, convenient LCD screen. Low Noise and Heat: The brushless motor and aluminum body ensure a quieter, cooler operation, enhancing comfort and prolonging tool life. Portable Design: Equipped with a USB charging cable, it’s ready to perform anytime, anywhere. Product Benefits Our Electric Nail Drill Machine is not just a tool but a gateway to enhancing your nail artistry. Enjoy the precision of professional-grade equipment in the comfort of your home. Its multifunctional capabilities allow for grinding, cutting, polishing, and more, without damaging your nails or skin. Whether you are preparing for a special event or maintaining everyday beauty, this nail drill makes it effortless. Why Choose Our Nail Drill Machine? What sets this nail drill apart is its exceptional engineering. The robust 45000RPM motor paired with a high-efficiency cooling system ensures that both the device and the user stay cool under pressure. The intuitive LCD display and the comprehensive kit that accompanies the drill guarantee that you have all you need for a full manicure and pedicure suite at your fingertips. Perfect for nail salons and personal use alike, it's designed to meet the demands of continuous work without faltering. Get Yours Today! Don’t miss out on achieving flawless nails with ease and precision. Whether for personal use or as a professional upgrade, this nail drill machine stands ready to transform your nail care routine. Order now and step into a world of efficiency, style, and sophistication. Perfect your craft with the ultimate tool that reflects your expertise.


  • Electric Foot Care Machine - Pedicure Callus Remover for Smooth, Soft Feet

    Electric Foot Care Machine ...

    Step into comfort This innovative device targets hard, dry, and cracked skin on your feet, effortlessly removing dead skin and calluses. Designed for efficiency and ease of use, our foot file grinder will transform your foot care routine, leaving your feet feeling smooth and rejuvenated. Key Features Powerful Electric Operation: Quickly smoothens feet without manual scrubbing. Dual Power Options: Operates with either USB connection or 4 AA batteries (not included). Compact and Ergonomic Design: Easy to handle and perfect for both home and travel use. Durable Material: Made with high-quality ABS for long-lasting use. Available in Three Attractive Colors: Choose from Blue, Pink, or White to match your style. Benefits Effortless Removal of Rough Skin: Say goodbye to manual filing and hello to effortless pedicure. Portable and Convenient: Small size makes it easy to carry and use anywhere you go. Hygienic and Safe: Designed for personal use, promoting healthier foot care. Cost-Effective: Enjoy salon-quality results at home without the high cost of professional treatments. When to Use Our Electric Foot Care Machine is ideal for regular foot care maintenance to prevent the build-up of hard skin and calluses. Use it weekly or as needed to keep your feet smooth and soft. It's particularly beneficial after a shower when the skin is softer and easier to exfoliate. What Makes This Product Special? What sets our foot care tool apart is its effectiveness combined with convenience. Unlike manual foot files that require effort and time, our electric model delivers quick results with minimal effort. Its ergonomic design fits comfortably in your hand, and the choice of power sources ensures it is always ready for use. Plus, its sleek and stylish design in multiple colors makes it a chic addition to your personal care toolkit. Ready to Transform Your Feet? Don't let hard, uncomfortable skin detract from your comfort any longer. With our Electric Foot Care Machine, a soothing, pampering foot experience is just a step away. Click to buy now and start enjoying softer, smoother feet today!


  • Wireless Electric Foot File Pedicure Tool with USB Rechargeable Battery

    Wireless Electric Foot File...

    Transform Your Foot Care Routine Experience the ultimate in foot care with our Wireless Electric Foot File Pedicure Tool, designed to provide you with a spa-like pedicure from the comfort of your home. This innovative device is easy to hold and maneuver, offering a safer and more effective solution than traditional metal scrapers and pumice stones. Key Features Ergonomic Design: Crafted from durable aluminum alloy, our foot file is both lightweight and sturdy, making it simple to use. High Efficiency: Features a roller that rotates 360 degrees at an impressive 40 times per second, ensuring quick and effective removal of rough skin. Rechargeable Battery: Equipped with a powerful 2600mAh battery, this device can be easily recharged with the included USB cable, offering long-lasting performance. Safe and Hygienic: Specifically designed for feet and heels to ensure safety and hygiene, with recommended usage to maintain perfect pedicure results. Benefits of Using Our Pedicure Tool Smooth Feet in Seconds: Effortlessly removes calluses, corns, and dead skin, leaving your feet looking and feeling soft and smooth. Customizable Treatment: Comes with 60 replacement sandpapers in two different grits, allowing for a personalized pedicure experience tailored to your skin’s needs. Portable and Convenient: Its compact design and USB charging capability make it perfect for both home use and travel. When and How to Use For optimal results, use the Wireless Electric Foot File on dry feet. We recommend using it once every 1-2 weeks, with a brief application of 2-3 seconds per area. This pedicure tool is designed for use on the feet and heels only, ensuring targeted and safe treatment. Keep the device out of reach of children and do not use on broken or bleeding skin. What Makes Our Pedicure Tool Special? Unlike many foot files on the market, our device offers a blend of high-end design, powerful technology, and user-centric features. The high-speed rotation combined with customizable sanding sheets provides a pedicure experience that rivals professional treatments, all without leaving your home. Ready to Pamper Your Feet? Don't wait to give your feet the attention they deserve. Order your Wireless Electric Foot File today and step into a world of comfort, beauty, and relaxation. Your feet will thank you!


  • Rechargeable Electric Foot File

    Rechargeable Electric Foot ...

    Discover Smooth, Soft Feet Effortlessly Introducing the ultimate solution to hard, dry, and rough feet – the Rechargeable Electric Foot File. This professional-grade pedicure tool is designed to give you salon-quality results from the comfort of your home. Transform your foot care routine with our easy-to-use, powerful device that safely removes dead skin, leaving your feet beautifully smooth. Key Features Universal Voltage (100-240V) for Worldwide Use Rechargeable Design for Convenient Cordless Operation Durable, Ergonomic Handle for Ease of Use Gentle on Skin, Tough on Calluses Benefits of Using Our Electric Foot File Efficiency: Quickly eliminates tough skin and calluses. Safety: Designed to be safe on your skin, reducing the risk of over-filing. Portability: Lightweight and portable, perfect for travel. Rechargeability: Long-lasting battery ensures it's always ready when you are. Comfort: Ergonomic design allows for a comfortable grip and effortless use. When to Use This Tool The Rechargeable Electric Foot File is perfect for anyone looking to maintain smooth, soft feet year-round. It’s particularly beneficial before summer sandals season or any event where you want your feet looking their best. It’s also ideal for regular foot care, helping to prevent the build-up of hard skin and calluses with regular use. What Makes Our Pedicure Tool Special? Unlike manual foot files or pumice stones, our electric foot file offers a high-efficiency, low-effort solution to foot care. The device is designed with a powerful motor that handles even the toughest skin with ease, yet it is gentle enough to avoid damage or irritation. The rechargeable feature means no more fumbling with batteries or cords, making it perfect for use at home or on the go. Get Yours Today! Don't let rough feet keep you from wearing your favorite shoes or enjoying a day at the beach. Our Electric Foot File is here to help you achieve and maintain beautifully smooth feet effortlessly. Order yours today and step into comfort with confidence!

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  • Silicone Moisturizing Gel Socks for Soft and Smooth Feet

    Silicone Moisturizing Gel S...

    Discover the Secret to Baby-Soft Feet Introducing our revolutionary Silicone Moisturizing Gel Socks, designed to transform rough, dry, and cracked feet into soft, supple skin you'll be proud to show off. Slip into comfort and give your feet the care they deserve with this easy-to-use, spa-quality foot care solution right at home. Why Choose Our Moisturizing Gel Socks? Made from high-quality silicone, these socks offer a snug, comfortable fit, adapting seamlessly to the contours of your feet. The flexible design is suitable for shoe sizes 35-40 and provides the perfect base for your homemade foot masks. Simply pour your favorite body milk into the socks, wear them for about 20 minutes, and feel the transformation. With regular use—just a few times a week—you can prevent cracks, soften calluses, and reduce the buildup of tough skin. Product Features Soft, stretchable silicone material Easy to use with any lotion or foot treatment Reusable and washable for long-term savings Ideal length of 19.5cm to cover most of the foot Non-electric, simple treatment solution Benefits of Using Our Gel Socks Moisturizes and nourishes skin Prevents cracking and peeling Softens calluses and reduces keratin buildup Offers a DIY spa experience at home Quick and noticeable results How to Get the Best Results For optimal outcomes, use the socks with your preferred body milk or cream. Fill the socks, slip them on, and relax while the gel inside does its work. This simple routine, done a few times a week, can drastically improve the condition of your feet, making them smoother and softer with each treatment. Ready to Transform Your Feet? Don't wait any longer to take the first step towards beautiful, healthy feet. Our Silicone Moisturizing Gel Socks are easy to use, highly effective, and make foot care a breeze. Order now and experience the joy of soft, rejuvenated feet! Your satisfaction drives us, and we are here to support your foot care journey every step of the way. Remember, consistency is key. Persist with the routine and your feet will thank you. Happy pampering!


  • USB Rechargeable Electric Foot File

    USB Rechargeable Electric F...

    Discover the Secret to Flawless Feet Introducing our advanced Electric Foot File, your new ally in achieving soft, beautiful feet effortlessly. Perfect for home pedicures, this tool is designed to efficiently remove hard skin and calluses with precision and ease. Its ergonomic design and simple operation make it a must-have for anyone looking to maintain smooth, healthy feet. Key Features and Advantages Ergonomic Design: Easy to hold and maneuver for optimal control and comfort during use. Durable Construction: Crafted from superior materials ensuring reliability and long-lasting performance. Adjustable Speed: Tailor the device's speed to your comfort level, from gentle to powerful, making it suitable for all types of skin. USB Charging: Convenient and eco-friendly, the device is USB rechargeable, eliminating the need for disposable batteries. LED Display: Keep track of power status with a clear, easy-to-read LED display. Multiple Grinding Heads: Comes with three different heads (fine, medium, coarse) to customize your foot care routine. When and How to Use This foot file is ideal for anyone suffering from dry, rough skin on their heels and feet. It is especially useful as a regular maintenance tool to ensure your feet remain in pristine condition. Simply charge the device, select your desired grinding head and speed, and gently move it over affected areas. The device is not just easy to use but is also safe, providing a better alternative to metal scrapers and pumice stones. What Makes Our Foot File Special? Unlike traditional foot files, our electric foot grinder is equipped with a motor that adjusts from 1700-2000 RPM, allowing for quick and efficient removal of even the toughest skin. Its waterproof design also makes it easy to clean and safe to use even in moist conditions. The included fine, medium, and coarse heads make it versatile for all types of calluses and skin conditions. With up to 90 minutes of use on a single charge, you can take care of your feet without frequent recharging. Why Choose Our Electric Foot File? With our Electric Foot File, you no longer have to hide your feet or worry about uncomfortable, callused skin. Embrace the confidence that comes with having smooth, soft feet all year round. Don't wait to treat your feet to the care they deserve. Click to buy now and step into comfort with every footfall!


  • Professional Stainless Steel Pedicure Tool Set

    Professional Stainless Stee...

    Discover the Secret to Perfectly Smooth Feet Step into comfort with our Professional Stainless Steel Pedicure Tool Set, designed to tackle tough skin, calluses, and ingrown nails with expert precision. Ideal for both professional and at-home pedicures, this complete kit is your new go-to solution for maintaining soft, beautiful feet. Features & Benefits High-Quality Craftsmanship: Made from durable stainless steel, our tools are built to last, providing exceptional performance through countless uses. Complete Care: Equipped with 4 specialized tools, this set addresses nearly all aspects of foot care, from dead skin removal to nail grooming. Hygienic and Safe: Stainless steel is easy to clean and sterilize, reducing the risk of infections and ensuring safe pedicure sessions every time. Portable Convenience: Comes with a stylish storage box (for selected models), making it easy to keep your tools organized and perfect for travel. When to Use This Product Our pedicure set is perfect for weekly maintenance to remove hardened skin and smooth rough edges. It's also essential before special occasions where you want to look your best or anytime your feet need a little extra TLC. What Makes Our Pedicure Set Special? Unlike ordinary foot files that can be harsh and abrasive, our Professional Pedicure Tool Set is crafted with care and precision. Each tool is designed for a specific task, ensuring that you achieve salon-quality results in the comfort of your home. The versatility and comprehensive nature of this set make it indispensable for foot health management. Ready to Step Up Your Foot Care Routine? Don’t let hard skin and unsightly calluses hold you back. Experience the confidence of beautiful, well-cared-for feet. Click to order your Professional Stainless Steel Pedicure Tool Set today and step into a world of comfort and elegance!

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  • Professional Stainless Steel Foot File

    Professional Stainless Stee...

    Overview Discover the secret to effortlessly smooth and soft feet with our Professional Stainless Steel Foot File. Designed for comfort and efficiency, this tool is a must-have for anyone looking to rejuvenate their feet's skin. Ideal for both personal and professional use, our foot file tackles dry, rough, and calloused skin, ensuring your feet feel as good as they look. Product Features High-quality 304 stainless steel surface for durability and effective exfoliation. Large oval foot stone shape provides extensive coverage for quicker results. Lengthened handle design ensures ease of use and comfortable grip during use. Lightweight and compact, weighing only 58 grams, making it easy to handle and store. No need for electric power, blades, or harsh sanding. Benefits Effortlessly removes calluses and dead skin without the need for professional help. Helps to heal heel cracks and smoothens stubborn keratin buildup. Suitable for men, women, and the elderly with dry and rough skin types. Safe and gentle on skin - reduces the risk of skin abrasions commonly associated with electric files. Portable and easy to use at home or while traveling. Why Choose Our Foot File? This professional-grade foot file stands out because of its ergonomic design and high-quality materials. It’s especially useful for those who are dealing with persistent foot dryness and roughness but want to avoid the costs and time of a professional pedicure. It’s best used after a warm shower or bath when the skin is most pliable. The stainless steel effectively sloughs off dead skin without requiring repeated passes, making your pedicure routine safer and more hygienic. How to Use Simply soak your feet to soften the skin, hold the file by the lengthened handle, and gently move it across affected areas in a smooth, controlled motion. Regular use will maintain soft, healthy feet and prevent future build-ups of dead skin. Ready to step into comfort? Add our Professional Stainless Steel Foot File to your cart today and experience the ease of achieving beautifully smooth feet at home. Buy now and give your feet the care they deserve!


  • Nano Glass Foot File

    Nano Glass Foot File

    Product Overview Introducing the ultimate solution for at-home pedicures – the Nano Glass Foot File. This revolutionary pedicure tool is designed with your comfort and convenience in mind, allowing you to achieve salon-quality results from the comfort of your home. Crafted with innovative nano-etching technology, this foot scrubber offers a fine grinding surface that is tough on calluses but gentle on your skin. Key Features Advanced Nano-Etching Technology: Achieves a fine grind for effortlessly removing tough calluses and dead skin. High-Quality Materials: Made from durable nano glass and sturdy PP plastic, ensuring long-lasting performance. Comfortable and Safe: Designed to be gentle on the skin without compromising on effectiveness. Compact Design: Measures just 10.5*5.5*3.3 cm, making it portable and easy to handle. Benefits Spa-Like Results: Enjoy smooth, soft feet that feel like they've just been pampered at a spa. Easy to Use: Simple design allows anyone to use the tool effectively with minimal effort. Economical: Save money on spa visits by maintaining beautiful feet at home. For Everyone: Suitable for both men and women looking to improve their foot care routine. When to Use The Nano Glass Foot File is perfect for use after a warm bath or shower when the skin is softest and most pliable. Regular use can help prevent the buildup of dead skin and calluses, keeping your feet beautiful and healthy year-round. What Makes It Special? What sets this foot file apart is its nano glass technology, which is meticulously crafted to ensure a perfect balance between efficacy and skin safety. Unlike traditional foot files, our product guarantees to minimize skin irritation while delivering maximum performance, making it a must-have in your home pedicure kit. Ready to Transform Your Foot Care Routine? Don’t let rough, dry feet keep you from feeling your best. Try the Nano Glass Foot File today and step into comfort with confidence. Order now and experience the difference of advanced foot care technology!


  • 19-in-1 Stainless Steel Manicure Set: Professional Nail Care Kit

    19-in-1 Stainless Steel Man...

    Discover the Ultimate Nail Care Companion Transform your at-home nail care routine with our 19-in-1 Stainless Steel Manicure Set. Crafted with precision and expertise, this professional-grade kit is your ticket to perfectly manicured nails, anytime, anywhere. Designed by nail care experts, our set boasts a comprehensive collection of tools to cater to all your manicure and pedicure needs. From trimming to shaping and grooming, each tool is meticulously crafted to deliver salon-quality results in the comfort of your home. Key Features: 19 essential tools for complete nail care Constructed from high-quality stainless steel for durability Heat-treated for enhanced strength and longevity Compact PU leather case for easy storage and travel Professional-grade tools for precise grooming Includes nail cutters, scissors, cuticle nippers, and more Suitable for manicures and pedicures Benefits You'll Love: Effortlessly achieve salon-quality results at home Say goodbye to expensive salon visits Save time and money with convenient at-home nail care Keep your nails healthy and beautiful with regular maintenance Travel-friendly case lets you groom on the go Enjoy the satisfaction of perfectly groomed nails anytime Upgrade your nail care routine today with our 19-in-1 Stainless Steel Manicure Set. Elevate your grooming experience and flaunt flawless nails with confidence.


  • 2-in-1 USB Rechargeable Electric Nail Clipper & Polisher

    2-in-1 USB Rechargeable Ele...

    Discover the Ultimate Nail Care Solution Introducing the future of nail care - our revolutionary 2-in-1 Electric Nail Clipper & Polisher, designed to deliver a salon-quality experience from the comfort of your home. This state-of-the-art device ensures safe, efficient, and professional-grade nail trimming and polishing for users of all ages, including babies. With its sleek design, powerful dual motor, and convenient USB rechargeability, achieving flawless nails has never been easier or more accessible. Product Features Our product stands out with its multifunctional capabilities, allowing you to trim, polish, and buff your nails to perfection. The built-in auxiliary light illuminates your workspace, ensuring precision even in low-light conditions. The two-speed adjustment offers customized control over your nail care routine, while the one-button operation makes it incredibly user-friendly. Its compact size means you can bring professional nail care wherever you go, be it traveling, at work, or leisure. Benefits At A Glance Multifunctional Design: Trim, polish, and buff nails effortlessly. Dual Motor Power: Strong and smooth performance without jamming. Safe for All: Perfect for adults and safe enough for babies. Auxiliary Lighting: Trim with precision in any lighting. Portable & Rechargeable: Maintain beautiful nails anytime, anywhere. Why Choose Our Electric Nail Clipper & Polisher? What sets our product apart is not just its ability to ensure a clean and smooth nail care process, but its emphasis on safety and convenience. The fully fitted cutter head with multiple safety protections minimizes the risk of injury, making it ideal for sensitive users. The debris storage compartment keeps your space clean, capturing nail clippings for easy disposal. Its silent motor and slight vibration mean you can even trim the nails of a sleeping baby without disturbance. This all-in-one tool is your best choice for maintaining pristine nails without the hassle. When to Use This Product? Our Electric Nail Clipper & Polisher is perfect for routine nail care, pre-event grooming, or emergency fixes. Whether you're preparing for a special occasion or simply maintaining your weekly beauty regimen, this tool will meet your needs. Its portability ensures that you can care for your nails on your own schedule, making it an essential addition to your personal care collection. Order Now! Don’t miss out on the opportunity to elevate your nail care routine. With our 2-in-1 Electric Nail Clipper & Polisher, beautiful nails are just a click away. Order now and experience the convenience, safety, and professionalism of salon-quality nail care at home.

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  • Luxury Electric Foot Care Kit: Callus Remover & Skin Smoother

    Luxury Electric Foot Care K...

    Discover Unparalleled Foot Care Comfort Introducing the ultimate solution to revitalize your feet: our Luxury Electric Foot Care Kit. Expertly designed to remove hard, cracked, and dead skin, this callus remover and skin smoother transforms your foot care routine into a spa-like experience. Embrace the ease of professional-grade pampering at home, ensuring your feet are not just clean, but luxuriously soft and smooth.   Key Features & Advantages Versatile Grinding Heads: Comes with three quartz sand grinding heads - coarse, medium, and fine - to tackle every level of skin hardness and achieve the softness you desire. Customizable Speeds: Features two speed settings, 1900 rpm for gentle exfoliation and 2200 rpm for effectively dealing with stubborn calluses, giving you full control over your foot care. Rechargeable & Durable: Boasting a high-quality motor and a long-lasting battery, enjoy up to 150 minutes of continuous use with just 2.5 hours of charging. Waterproof Design: IPX7 waterproof rating means you can safely rinse the device under water, making cleaning effortless and hygienic.   Why Choose Our Electric Foot Care Kit? Our product stands out with its practicality and luxury. The efficient and safe motor, coupled with the convenience of USB charging, makes it perfect for regular use. Its waterproof design allows for easy cleaning, and the various grinding heads offer a personalized foot care experience. Whether it's daily maintenance or intensive treatment, our foot care kit is designed to cater to all your needs, making it special and indispensable in your self-care arsenal.   When To Use Our Product Our foot care kit is ideal for both routine maintenance and intensive treatment. Use the low-speed setting for regular care and the high-speed setting for tougher areas. It’s perfect for preparing your feet for sandals in summer, soothing them after a long day, or simply ensuring they remain soft and smooth all year round.   Act Now for Rejuvenated Feet Don't let hard and cracked skin take away the joy of being barefoot. With our Luxury Electric Foot Care Kit, step into comfort and confidence. Order now to embark on a journey to healthier, smoother feet. Your self-care routine will thank you!

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  • Portable Electric Nail Drill Machine 40000RPM with HD Display

    Portable Electric Nail Dril...

    Discover the Ultimate Nail Care Experience Introducing your new secret weapon in nail care and design, the Portable Electric Nail Drill Machine 40000RPM with HD Display. Crafted for professionals and beauty enthusiasts alike, this machine combines power, precision, and portability to transform your nail care routine. Say goodbye to cumbersome cords and hello to freedom, with a device designed to keep up with your creative flow, from the comfort of your home to the buzz of the salon floor. Key Features That Set Us Apart Our Electric Nail Drill Machine is not just another tool; it's an extension of your artistry. With features meticulously designed for the utmost efficiency and ease of use, here’s what makes our product special: Precision Speed Control up to 40,000 RPM: Dial up your efficiency with unparalleled speed and precision. Portable, Rechargeable & Cordless: Experience total freedom of movement in any setting. All Day Battery Life: Rely on its endurance with an 8-hour battery life, ensuring it’s ready whenever you are. Smooth, Quiet, and Vibration-Free Operation: Enjoy a comfortable, serene working environment. Slim & Lightweight Design: Minimize wrist pain and maximize comfort with its ergonomic build. Acetone Resistant Body: A durable, stylish design that withstands the rigors of daily use. Full View, Advanced LCD Screen: Effortlessly control and monitor your settings. Forward and Reverse Switch: Perfect for left and right-handed users, enhancing usability. When to Use Your Electric Nail Drill Machine The versatility of our Electric Nail Drill Machine makes it the perfect tool for a variety of nail care tasks. It excels at removing gel nails, shaping, buffing, and polishing, making it an indispensable tool for manicure and pedicure sessions. Whether you’re at home looking to maintain your nails or a professional seeking to provide top-tier services, this nail drill is your go-to solution. Why Choose Our Nail Drill Machine? What sets our product apart is not just its impressive specifications, but its commitment to your comfort and creativity. The combination of power, precision, and portability offers a seamless experience that enhances your nail care practices. Backed by a six-month warranty, it's an investment in your craft that promises long-lasting, quality results. Ready to Elevate Your Nail Game? Don't let cumbersome tools hold you back. Embrace the power, precision, and portability of our Electric Nail Drill Machine. Whether you're refining your skills or elevating the experience for your clients, it's time to make a statement with every manicure and pedicure. Order yours today and transform the way you care for nails forever!


  • 320W High Power UV LED Nail Lamp with 4 Timers & Smart Sensor

    320W High Power UV LED Nail...

    Unlock the Secret to Perfect Nails Every Time Discover the magic of professional-grade manicures and pedicures from the comfort of your home with our 320W High Power UV LED Nail Lamp. Designed to cure all types of nail gels swiftly and evenly, this lamp is a game-changer for nail enthusiasts and professionals alike. With its sleek design, smart features, and superior performance, achieving salon-quality results has never been easier.   Product Features 320W Ultra-Fast Cure: Power through your manicure or pedicure sessions with our lamp's upgraded 320W output, curing gel nails 3X faster than conventional 120W dryers. Dual Hand Capacity: Spacious enough to accommodate both hands or feet simultaneously, making your nail sessions more efficient. 72 Durable LED Lamp Beads: Enjoy even, 180-degree coverage that ensures every inch of gel polish cures uniformly and quickly. Full Touch LCD Screen with 4 Timers: Customize your curing time with flexible drying options for precision and convenience. Infrared Automatic Sensor: Experience hands-free operation with our smart sensor that activates the light as soon as you insert your hands or feet.   When to Use Our Nail Lamp This versatile nail dryer is perfect for all your gel curing needs, whether you're applying UV Gel, LED Gel, Gel Varnish, or any type of nail gel. It's ideal for both manicures and pedicures, providing ample space to cure nails evenly and efficiently. Use it for quick touch-ups, full nail art projects, or routine nail maintenance. Its professional-grade features make it suitable for salon use as well as a must-have tool for DIY nail enthusiasts.   What Makes Our Nail Lamp Special? Not only does our lamp boast a powerful 320W output for ultra-fast curing, but it also features a design optimized for convenience and efficiency. The detachable base allows for easy cleaning and is perfect for pedicures. With 72 long-lasting LED lamp beads, you can trust that your nails will cure evenly every time. The full touch LCD screen enhances your nail curing experience by providing clear timer settings, while the infrared automatic sensor offers a seamless, hands-free operation.   Why Choose Us? Our UV LED Nail Lamp represents the pinnacle of nail curing technology, combining high power, efficiency, and user-friendly features. It's built to last, with a durable design and LED beads that provide up to 50,000 hours of service. Whether you're a professional looking to upgrade your salon equipment or a home user in search of the perfect DIY nail curing solution, our lamp is designed to meet your needs. With rave reviews and a reputation for quality, this is the only nail lamp you'll ever need.   Ready to Elevate Your Nail Game? Don't let slow curing times or uneven results hold you back any longer. Step up to the Yokefellowbeauty 320W High Power UV LED Nail Lamp and experience the difference professional-quality equipment can make. Click to buy now and start enjoying salon-perfect nails anytime, anywhere!


  • Pro Touch Electric Nail Clipper with Infrared Protection and LED Light

    Pro Touch Electric Nail Cli...

    Revolutionize Your Nail Care Routine Introducing the ultimate nail care innovation - our Pro Touch Electric Nail Clipper, equipped with infrared protection and an integrated LED light. Designed for effortless, safe, and precise trimming, this device transforms the way you take care of your nails. Made with high-quality stainless steel and featuring an automatic cutter head, it offers a seamless nail-trimming experience for both fingers and toes. Key Features at a Glance Automatic Cutting: Say goodbye to manual clipping. Our electric nail clipper is fully automatic, providing a smooth and even cut with just a touch. Infrared Safety Protection: Advanced infrared technology ensures that the clipper stops automatically to prevent skin injury, making it safe for users of all ages. Built-in LED Light: Illuminate your nail trimming area with the built-in LED light, ensuring precise trimming even in low light conditions. Compact and Portable: With its sleek design and lightweight build, this clipper is your perfect travel companion. Rechargeable with Type-C Interface: Enjoy the convenience of easy charging with the modern Type-C interface. When to Use Our Pro Touch Electric Nail Clipper is perfect for regular nail maintenance, preparing for a special occasion, or quick fixes on the go. Its ease of use and safety features make it suitable for adults, seniors, and even children under supervision. Whether at home or while traveling, keeping your nails in pristine condition has never been easier. What Sets Our Nail Clipper Apart? This isn't just another nail clipper. It's a leap forward in personal grooming technology. The combination of its automatic cutting mechanism, infrared safety protection, and built-in LED light provides a nail-trimming experience that is not only efficient but exceptionally safe. Its stainless steel construction ensures durability, while the compact design makes it a stylish addition to your grooming kit. Why Choose Our Electric Nail Clipper? Forget about uneven cuts, accidental skin cuts, or struggling with poor visibility. Our Pro Touch Electric Nail Clipper addresses all these concerns and more, offering a quick, safe, and comfortable nail trimming experience. Its rechargeable feature, coupled with the convenience of a Type-C charging port, means you’ll always be ready for a trim. With its sleek design and user-friendly features, it's the only nail clipper you'll ever need. Transform Your Nail Care Experience Today Step into the future of nail care with our Pro Touch Electric Nail Clipper. It’s time to experience the comfort, safety, and precision of automatic nail trimming. Perfect for yourself or as a thoughtful gift, this nail clipper promises to make nail care a breeze. Click to buy now and redefine the way you care for your nails!


  • Portable 9-Piece Stainless Steel Manicure Set

    Portable 9-Piece Stainless ...

    Get Ready to Pamper Yourself! Introducing our portable 9-piece stainless steel manicure set with a sleek leather case. Elevate your self-care routine with this professional foot and face care toolkit. Crafted for the modern individual who values quality and convenience, this set is a must-have for anyone seeking flawless grooming on the go. Product Features: Includes 9 essential tools for complete foot and face care Made of high-quality stainless steel for durability Compact and portable size, perfect for travel Elegant leather case keeps your tools organized and protected Each tool is expertly crafted for precision and effectiveness Designed for easy handling and comfortable use Benefits You'll Love: Enjoy salon-quality grooming from the comfort of your home Keep your nails, feet, and face looking impeccable at all times Save time and money on salon visits Experience the satisfaction of perfectly manicured nails and glowing skin Enhance your self-confidence with a polished appearance Ideal for busy professionals, travelers, and anyone with a hectic lifestyle When to Use: This versatile set is perfect for various occasions: Before an important meeting or presentation When getting ready for a special event or date During travel to maintain your grooming routine on the road As part of your regular self-care regimen Why Choose Our Manicure Set? Our manicure set stands out for its superior quality, functionality, and convenience. Whether you're a busy professional, a frequent traveler, or someone who simply values impeccable grooming, this set is designed with your needs in mind. Say goodbye to expensive salon visits and hello to salon-worthy results in the comfort of your own home. Treat yourself or surprise a loved one with the gift of luxury grooming – they'll thank you for it! Take the First Step Towards Effortless Grooming! Invest in your self-care routine today and experience the difference with our portable 9-piece stainless steel manicure set. Click "Add to Cart" now and elevate your grooming game!


  • Color Contrast Stainless Steel Manicure Set

    Color Contrast Stainless St...

    Upgrade Your Nail Care Routine with Style and Precision Introducing our Color Contrast Stainless Steel Manicure Set, the essential toolkit for maintaining flawless nails, whether you're at home or on the go. Crafted with precision and designed for both men and women, this set redefines the art of nail grooming with its impeccable stainless steel tools and vibrant color accents. Product Features: Complete 6-7 piece set for comprehensive nail care Durable stainless steel construction for long-lasting performance Color contrast design for a touch of style Compact travel case for convenient storage and portability Suitable for manicures and pedicures Benefits of Choosing Our Manicure Set: Effortlessly maintain well-groomed nails at home or while traveling High-quality stainless steel ensures precise and hygienic grooming Compact case keeps all tools organized and easily accessible Perfect for individuals seeking professional-level results at their convenience Gender-neutral design makes it suitable for everyone Enhances self-care routines with a touch of sophistication The Perfect Companion for Your Nail Care Needs Whether you're prepping for a special occasion or simply maintaining your everyday look, our Color Contrast Stainless Steel Manicure Set offers the ultimate solution. With its sleek design and superior functionality, it's a must-have addition to your grooming arsenal. Elevate your nail care routine today!

    $62.99 - $72.99

  • Professional Stainless Steel Toenail Clipper

    Professional Stainless Stee...

    Introducing the Professional Stainless Steel Toenail Clipper Get ready to step into a world of precise toenail care with our Professional Stainless Steel Toenail Clipper! Crafted with meticulous attention to detail, this clipper is your ultimate solution for thick, ingrown toenails, dead skin, and more. Features Sharp Cutting Edge: Hand tempered and sharpened blades ensure a precise and clean cut every time. Angled Design: The angled head effortlessly cuts through thick toenails, including those tough ones found on diabetic feet. Comfortable Grip: Ergonomic architecture with a thick rubber handle fits perfectly in your hand, providing easy control and maneuverability. Premium Stainless Steel: Made of 100% dermatologist-grade surgical steel for safe sterilization, corrosion prevention, and minimizing the risk of infections. Protective Measures: Comes with a safety tip cover and customized storage tin box for safekeeping and easy transport. Includes a spare spring for extended service life. Benefits You'll Love Precise Cutting: Say goodbye to jagged edges and uneven cuts with our sharp cutting edge. Comfortable Usage: The ergonomic grip ensures comfort and control, perfect for those with weak hand strength. Safe and Hygienic: Made of premium stainless steel, our clipper minimizes the risk of infections and can be easily sterilized for repeated use. Portable and Convenient: The included storage tin box keeps your clipper safe and clean, ideal for travel or storage at home. Versatile: Suitable for both fingernails and toenails, this clipper is a must-have for your nail care routine. When to Use Our Professional Stainless Steel Toenail Clipper is best used when you need precise and effortless toenail care. Whether you're dealing with thick toenails, ingrown nails, or simply want to maintain healthy nails, this clipper is your go-to tool. What Makes Us Special? What sets our toenail clipper apart is its combination of precision, comfort, and safety. With sharp cutting edges, ergonomic design, and premium stainless steel construction, it's the ultimate tool for achieving salon-quality results in the comfort of your own home. Say hello to beautifully groomed toenails with our Professional Stainless Steel Toenail Clipper! Invest in your foot health today!


  • Professional Stainless Steel Nail Cuticle Nipper

    Professional Stainless Stee...

    Discover Effortless Manicures with Professional Cuticle Nipper Set Revolutionize your nail care routine with the Professional Stainless Steel Nail Cuticle Nipper Set. Crafted with precision and durability in mind, this advanced manicure tool combines efficiency with comfort for salon-worthy results from the comfort of your home. Features: Advanced German Seiko sharpened edge technology for long-lasting sharpness Reasonably angled slant blade design for ergonomic trimming experience Medical grade stainless steel construction for anti-rust properties Single fork spring and arc handle for excellent grip and control Professional grade design suitable for both at-home and salon use Benefits: Precision Trimming: With advanced German Seiko sharpened edge technology, effortlessly remove small cuticles with precision. Ergonomic Design: The reasonable angle of the slant blade design ensures a comfortable and efficient trimming experience, reducing strain on your hands. Durable Construction: Made of high-quality medical grade stainless steel, this nipper is rust-resistant and ensures long-lasting sharpness, providing reliability with every use. Versatile Use: Designed for professional use, this cuticle nipper is suitable for both beginners and experienced users, enhancing your nail care routine with ease. Transform Your Nail Care Routine Today! Say goodbye to rough cuticles and hello to perfectly manicured nails with Professional Stainless Steel Nail Cuticle Nipper Set. Elevate your grooming experience and achieve salon-quality results in the comfort of your own home. Don't settle for anything less than perfection - invest in your nails today!


  • Professional Nail Art Liner Brush Set

    Professional Nail Art Liner...

    Unlock Your Nail Art Potential with Precision and Style Introducing our 5-piece Nail Art Liner Brush Set, meticulously crafted to elevate your nail design game to new heights. Whether you're a seasoned nail artist or a budding enthusiast, these professional-grade brushes are your gateway to intricate patterns, delicate details, and flawless designs. Features: Fine Detailing: With five different sizes ranging from 7mm to 25mm, these brushes are tailored for every aspect of nail art, from intricate lines to bold strokes. Flexible Fiber Wool: The inner brushes boast high flexibility, ensuring smooth application and precise control over every stroke. Stylish Design: Fashion meets functionality with a plastic pen holder and pink metal rod, ensuring comfort and ease of use. Quality Construction: Lightweight yet durable, these brushes are designed to withstand repeated use without compromising performance. Benefits: Professional Results: Achieve salon-quality nail art from the comfort of your home, whether you're a DIY enthusiast or a seasoned pro. Endless Creativity: Let your imagination run wild with the versatility of five brush sizes, allowing you to create intricate designs with ease. Perfect Gift: Delight the nail art lover in your life with this practical and stylish set, suitable for any occasion. Exceptional Customer Service: Rest assured that your satisfaction is our top priority. Should you have any questions or concerns, our dedicated customer service team is here to assist you every step of the way. Don't settle for mediocre nail art—elevate your style with our Professional Nail Art Liner Brush Set. Embrace precision, unleash creativity, and make a statement with every stroke. Order now and take your nail art game to the next level!


  • Ultimate 6-Piece Nail Clippers Set: Your Complete Nail Grooming Solution

    Ultimate 6-Piece Nail Clipp...

    Discover the Perfect Nail Grooming Companion Elevate your nail grooming routine with our ultimate 6-piece nail clippers set. Crafted for both men and women, this versatile collection is meticulously designed to meet all your nail trimming needs with precision and style. Product Features: 6-piece set: Includes six different nail clippers for comprehensive nail care. Stainless steel material: Crafted from high-quality stainless steel for durability and longevity. Portable design: Compact and travel-friendly, so you can maintain your manicure on the go. Suitable for both men and women: Designed to cater to everyone's grooming requirements, making it a perfect gift choice. Benefits You'll Love: Effortless Nail Care: Say goodbye to jagged edges and unkempt nails with our precision-engineered clippers. Durable Quality: Made from premium stainless steel, these clippers ensure long-lasting performance, saving you money in the long run. Convenience on the Go: Whether you're traveling or simply need a quick touch-up, our portable set ensures you're always prepared. Versatile Use: From shaping to trimming, our set offers a variety of clipper types to suit your specific nail care needs. Unisex Design: Perfect for both men and women, eliminating the need for multiple grooming tools. Upgrade your grooming routine and achieve salon-worthy nails from the comfort of your home. With our 6-piece nail clippers set, achieving a flawless manicure has never been easier. Invest in quality, invest in your confidence. Order your ultimate nail grooming companion today!


  • Nail Dust Brush

    Nail Dust Brush

    Introducing the Nail Dust Brush: Your Ultimate Nail Art Cleaning Companion Transform your nail art game with the Nail Dust Brush - the must-have tool for every manicure enthusiast. Say goodbye to messy cleanup sessions and hello to flawless nails! This versatile brush is designed to effortlessly remove nail dust, acrylic residue, UV gel polish, and powder, leaving your nails pristine and ready for your next masterpiece.   Product Features: Compact size for easy handling and storage Weighing just about 50g, it's lightweight and portable Made of high-quality acrylic material for durability and longevity Single-piece design for convenience   Benefits You'll Love: Efficient Cleaning: The soft bristles effectively remove dust and residue, ensuring a clean canvas for your nail art creations. Convenient Size: Compact and lightweight, it's perfect for home or salon use, fitting comfortably in your hand for precise control. Durable Material: Crafted from acrylic, this brush is built to last, saving you money on frequent replacements. Versatile Usage: Suitable for various nail treatments, including acrylic, UV gel polish, and powder, making it a versatile addition to your nail care arsenal. Easy to Clean: Simply rinse with water and mild soap after each use for hassle-free maintenance.   When to Use: The Nail Dust Brush is ideal for use during manicures, pedicures, or whenever you need to clean up nail dust and residue. Whether you're a professional nail technician or a DIY enthusiast, this brush will elevate your nail art experience.   What Makes It Special: What sets the Nail Dust Brush apart is its combination of functionality and convenience. Its soft bristles delicately clean your nails without causing damage, while its compact design ensures easy storage and portability.   Get Your Nail Dust Brush Today! Upgrade your nail care routine with the Nail Dust Brush and enjoy effortless cleanup after every manicure. Order yours now and experience the difference!


  • Fashionista's Essential Manicure Set - 8pc Stainless Steel Personal Care Kit

    Fashionista's Essential Man...

    27 in stock

    Elevate Your Self-Care Routine Indulge in the ultimate pampering experience with our Fashionista's Essential Manicure Set. Crafted with precision from high-quality stainless steel, this 8-piece personal care kit is your go-to companion for flawless nails, impeccable eyebrows, and pristine cuticles. Product Features: 8-piece set including nail clippers, pedicure tools, eyebrow tweezers, and cuticle scissors Made from durable stainless steel for long-lasting performance Compact and travel-friendly design for on-the-go grooming Ergonomically designed handles for comfortable use Includes all essential tools for a complete manicure and pedicure Benefits You'll Love: Effortlessly achieve salon-quality results from the comfort of your home Save time and money by skipping expensive salon appointments Keep your nails, eyebrows, and cuticles immaculately groomed at all times Compact design makes it perfect for travel, ensuring you're always prepared for touch-ups Stainless steel construction ensures durability and hygiene When to Use: Our Fashionista's Essential Manicure Set is perfect for any occasion when you want to look and feel your best. Whether you're prepping for a special event, maintaining your everyday grooming routine, or simply indulging in some self-care, this versatile set has you covered. What Makes It Special: What sets our manicure set apart is its unbeatable combination of quality, convenience, and affordability. Each tool is meticulously crafted from premium stainless steel, ensuring precision grooming with every use. Whether you're a beauty enthusiast or someone who appreciates the finer things in life, this set is a must-have addition to your collection. Elevate your self-care routine and unleash your inner fashionista with our Fashionista's Essential Manicure Set today! Experience the Difference Upgrade your grooming game and treat yourself to the luxury you deserve. Shop our Fashionista's Essential Manicure Set now and discover the secret to flawless nails, perfect eyebrows, and immaculate cuticles, all in the comfort of your own home.

    27 in stock


  • Last stock! Precision Cuticle Scissors

    Precision Cuticle Scissors

    3 in stock

    Discover Precision in Every Snip Elevate your nail care routine with the Precision Cuticle Scissors. Crafted with meticulous attention to detail, these professional-grade tools are designed to deliver flawless results with every use. Whether you're perfecting your manicure or pedicure, this set is your go-to solution for achieving immaculate nails effortlessly. Features: Precise Trimming: The polished blades ensure precise trimming of cuticles, leaving your nails looking neat and tidy. Multi-Purpose Functionality: These versatile scissors are ideal for trimming nails, brows, lashes, and even beards, offering convenience and efficiency in one compact tool. Enhanced Grip: Unlike regular scissors, the larger circular rings provide a comfortable and secure grip, catering to users of all hand sizes. Durable Stainless Steel: Crafted from surgical-grade stainless steel, these scissors are three times stronger than regular stainless steel, ensuring long-lasting performance and smooth cutting. Benefits: Effortlessly Trim Cuticles: Achieve salon-quality results at home with precise and effortless cuticle trimming. Versatile Usage: From nails to brows, lashes, and beards, this set offers versatile grooming options for a well-rounded beauty routine. Comfortable Handling: The ergonomic design ensures a comfortable grip, making nail care a breeze for users of all hand sizes. Long-Lasting Durability: Invest in quality tools that are built to last, saving you time and money in the long run. Enhance your manicure and pedicure routine with the Precision Cuticle Scissors. With its superior precision, versatility, and durability, this set is a must-have for anyone seeking professional-quality nail care tools. Experience the difference today!

    3 in stock


  • 5Style Nail Art Brush Set

    5Style Nail Art Brush Set

    Discover Your Nail Art Masterpiece Elevate your nail game to new heights with the 5Style Nail Art Brush Set. Whether you're a seasoned pro or a DIY enthusiast, this set is your ticket to creating stunning manicures effortlessly. Say goodbye to bland nails and hello to intricate designs that turn heads. Features Quality Material: Crafted from durable metal, these brushes are built to last, ensuring precise application every time. Multi-Purpose: Suitable for natural nails, false nails, and 3D nail art, these brushes are versatile tools for any nail enthusiast. Endless Creativity: With five different brush styles to choose from, you can paint a myriad of French nail art patterns with ease. Easy to Use: Whether you're a professional or a beginner, these brushes are designed for convenience, making nail art fun and accessible for everyone. Benefits Create Professional-Looking Manicures: Impress your clients or friends with salon-quality nail art from the comfort of your own home. Express Your Creativity: Let your imagination run wild and experiment with various designs to reflect your unique style. Save Time and Money: Skip the expensive salon visits and enjoy professional-looking nails without breaking the bank. Perfect for Any Occasion: Whether it's a special event or just a regular day, your nails will always steal the show with these brushes. The Perfect Nail Art Companion Whether you're prepping for a special occasion or simply indulging in some self-care, the 5Style Nail Art Brush Set is your ultimate companion. Transform ordinary nails into works of art and unleash your inner nail artist today!


  • Rose Gold Rechargeable Nail Drill

    Rose Gold Rechargeable Nail...

    26 in stock

    Upgrade Your Nail Care Routine Elevate your nail care routine with our Rose Gold Rechargeable Nail Drill. This professional-grade tool is designed to make nail shaping and polishing effortless and efficient, whether you're a seasoned professional or a beginner.   Efficient Performance Stronger Motor with a Higher Speed: With a powerful 35000RPM speed, our nail drill ensures efficient nail filing and shaping, saving you time and effort. Vibration-Free with Low Noise: Operating at just 50db with minimal vibration, this drill provides a quiet and comfortable experience.   Convenient Rechargeable Design Our nail drill features a built-in 2600mAh battery, offering up to 10 hours of continuous use on a single charge. Say goodbye to tangled cords and power outlets, and enjoy the freedom to use your drill wherever you go.   Professional-Quality Results Easy to Use and Fully Functional: Whether you're a beginner or a professional, our nail drill is user-friendly and versatile, making it ideal for manicures, pedicures, acrylics, gels, and more. Durable Ceramic Construction: Crafted with durable ceramic material, our nail drill ensures long-lasting reliability, so you can enjoy professional-quality results every time.   Portable and Stylish The sleek design and advanced rose gold finish of our nail drill not only elevate your nail care experience but also provide a comfortable grip for precise handling. Its palm-sized handpiece allows for portability, so you can take it with you wherever you go.   Experience the Ultimate Convenience Versatile Accessory: Our nail drill doubles as a power bank, ensuring your phone stays charged while you perfect your nails. HD Smart LCD Screen: The smart LCD screen displays speed, direction, and remaining power, providing you with all the information you need for a flawless manicure.   The Perfect Companion for Your Nail Care Needs Elevate your nail care routine with our Rose Gold Rechargeable Nail Drill. Experience the convenience, efficiency, and professional-grade performance today!

    26 in stock


  • Portable Stainless Steel Nail Clipper Set

    Portable Stainless Steel Na...

    Keep Your Nails Perfectly Groomed Anywhere, Anytime Indulge in salon-quality manicures and pedicures from the comfort of your own home with our 7PCS Portable Stainless Steel Nail Clipper Set. Crafted from durable stainless steel, this set ensures longevity and precision in every clip, cut, and file. Its sleek black design adds a touch of sophistication to your grooming routine, while the included storage box keeps all your tools organized and ready for travel. With easy-to-clean properties and resistance to rust, our nail tools promise longevity and hygiene for all your hand, facial, and foot care needs. Whether you're prepping for a special occasion or simply maintaining your everyday look, this set has everything you need to achieve smooth, polished nails effortlessly. Features: Easy to clean and won't rust easily. Includes a storage box for convenient organization and travel. Perfect for both professional salon and home use. Suitable for all ages and genders, making it a versatile gift. Offers a variety of tools to meet various grooming demands. Helps to cut and smooth nail edges and surfaces, solving facial problems. Benefits: Effortlessly maintain salon-quality nails at home. Portable design allows for grooming on-the-go. Promotes hygiene with easy-to-clean stainless steel. Versatile set suitable for all ages and genders. Convenient storage box ensures organization and travel readiness. Provides a comprehensive solution for hand, facial, and foot care. Upgrade your grooming routine and pamper yourself or a loved one with the 7PCS Portable Stainless Steel Nail Clipper Set. Say goodbye to salon appointments and hello to professional-quality results, anytime, anywhere.



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