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Dogs require a lot of love, attention, and care. Showering a dog is the way to keep your pet clean and healthy — but it can also pose a challenge since most dogs (like every other dog) hate shower time. We’ve realized to make bath time more fun, it’s extremely important that you choose the right shower head. The right head means more comfort, which equals less fear and hide-and-seek when it’s time to clean up. Our shower wand is your must-have solution, designed to let water penetrate thick coats of fur while still providing a deep cleaning of the skin.

We have a solution: Pet Dog Shower System for Fast and Easy Bathing






Give your dog the extra bit of tenderness and care he/she deserves. This shower head is constructed out of professional-grade materials and crafted with a contoured-shape design that is suited to deliver a fine shower for dogs of all sizes. It also has a water comb spray that enables maximum cleaning power and allows the water to penetrate those thick furs with ease. Even for sensitive areas, the gentle narrow spray works well. Use it with ease in both indoor and outdoor settings, as the adapters are made to fit in multiple types of shower or hoseheads.






Product Features:

Efficient: This professional-grade contoured wand washes dogs of all shapes and sizes. It attaches indoors to a standard shower head pipe or outdoors to a garden hose. Its unique water-comb spray provides maximum cleaning coverage and the power you need for effective rinsing of thick fur, while the targeted narrow spray is perfect for hard-to-reach or sensitive areas.

Convenient: With one-handed operation, the easy-select dial allows you to customize the water pressure and control the spray settings. Your dog will benefit from a faster and more thorough cleaning, and you can spend more quality time with your pet.



Material: High-grade plastic

Weigh: 650g


Package Includes:

1 X Wand Pro Pet Shower Attachment




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44 reviews for Wand Pro Pet Shower Attachment

  1. А***n

    So this wand is very easy to work with. I have a golden retriever so I need a good nozzle. This is nice but the force is not strong enough. It is easy to handle and use but took me longer to rinse him because the water force is not strong enough. I wash my dog outside in the summer. What I don’t like there is no off switch to turn water off. How can you have a water wand with no off switch. So maybe if it connects to the shower that would be how you turn it off. Not sure. I like the shape of it, especially doing under the stomach and leg area. Still needs improvement though.

  2. N****a

    I have 2 medium to large sized dogs. One is a 65 lb Belgian Malinois otherwise known as a Belgian shepherd. And I have a 45 lb super fluffy Siberian Husky. Now I don’t have a tub just a large size standing shower. So try and give them a bath and that is very difficult. I also live in Upstate New York so giving them a bath outside is not an option for 7 to 8 months of the year. I was able to remove my shower head and attach this very easily. It also comes with a little piece as part of the attachment so you can shut off the water flow to the shower head. So I removed my shower head hooked this shower wand up for my dogs and I didn’t have to put a shower head back on until I took the wand back off. And I only had water flow into the wand for the dogs. And they bathtime so much easier for them and I wish I bought this sooner.

  3. T****a

    I have used this exactly one time so far but I’m already obsessed. I have a 115lb German Shepherd who’s too big for the tub so he gets bathed outside. He’s a double coated breed so it’s always taken a long time to get him fully wet with the hose, the water just rolls right off of him and doesn’t touch the under layers unless rubbed in really well.
    This Waterpik was an instant game changer. All I had to do was run it down his body and it soaked all the way down to the skin instantly.

    He’s a big boy who hates water so baths always take a long time but this definitely sped things up! Rinsing him off has never been so quickly achieved. I also loved that it has a smaller stream option for cleaning around his face and ears.
    I can’t speak for how long the Waterpik will last but it seems pretty sturdy. I did not use the “pause” feature, nor do I plan to, since I’ve had hoses burst from the pressure of the same mechanism on other products before. In an effort to increase the longevity of it the Waterpik is being stored away hanging in the garage away from sun/wind/water until its next use.

  4. A*******r

    I honestly didn’t think this would work, but bath times have been so painful, I was willing to try anything that could help improve them. Some other reviewers said the water dribbles out – this is false. As long as you have good pressure coming out of the shower by itself, before installing the wand, this thing will work great. My dog is absolutely terrified and his entire body shakes anytime he has to have a bath. Unlucky for me and him, he requires an oatmeal shampoo bath every two weeks as of late per the vet because of his extreme skin issues and itchiness. Buying this wand has cut our bath times from 10-15 minutes to 5 minutes tops. Normally, I would have to rinse and run my hand along his back after the water to make sure all the soap gets out from under the top layer of fur.

    The wand’s pressure is great enough that it relieves this step – I just have to run the wand down his back and you can see the soapy water washing away on it’s own. This wand has become an invaluable tool in my arsenal of pet goodies. The only negative – our designated dog shower is small, so when I have to maneuver into a different position, it’s nice to set the wand down. Because I have to hold my dog to keep him in the shower, I only have one free hand. In order to turn the wand on and adjust the amount of water, you have to twist it into the desired setting. I’m not able to do that with one hand, it requires two.

    It would be 100% perfect if it was a push button on and off, and then twist to adjust pressure. Despite that, this wand has cut my bath times in half and made bath time much more efficient, so it’s still a life saver. I would recommend this to EVERY dog owner!! I wish I would’ve known about this earlier. It installs easy on any shower and can also be attached to a hose outside – I live in Wisconsin and even on our hottest days, the hose water is too cold for my 11 year old Shepherd mix, so I installed in our walk in shower. Even though my dog is still terrified of baths, having this wand has made the experience 10x better (we are working on positive reinforcement training in the shower, but he shakes as soon as we get into the laundry room, where his shower is).

  5. J***y

    We absolutely love the Waterpik Pet Wand Pro Dog Shower Attachment! We already have two shower heads in our shower (one fixed one on a movable hose), so we only had to replace the shower head on the hose with the new Pet Wand Attachment. So easy! We were able to bathe all 4 dogs (1 Pitbull, 2 Beagles & 1 Chihuahua) in such a short time and all the dogs did really well with the new system. No more filling the bathtub for each one and wasting water and time. This has made bathing our dogs so easy and efficient! Thank you!

  6. M****m

    I have been looking for a solution exactly like this for years, to the point that I had started trying to solve the problem of how to build one from parts found at the hardware store. Before I took the plunge and bought 40 worth of odds and ends to build another dissapointing DIY project. I don’t know if it was just a different set of search terms, that this is a new product, or the unexpected favor of the gods that brought me upon this product. I have a dog, and I am allergic to dogs.

    Also my sister’s dog likes to stay at my house about half the week, and he is the opposite of those hypoallergenic poodle crossbreeds that you have read so much about; a hyperallerginic mix of everything BUT poodle, if you will. Also there is some poodle in there. ANYWAYS I have to bathe the dogs about once a week or suffer dire consequences, and my knees aren’t as good as they once were and my back has definitely been better, so lets just say that it had become a quite literal pain to give the boys a bath in a tub with a cup to rinse them. I could not be happier with the build quality of this shower adapter. It installed very easily, and the selector lever is solid and does not leak. When I don’t need it, it’s like it isn’t there, and when I do need it, it’s a life saver.

  7. Е***у

    I have good things and bad things to say about this product. First, it cleans my thick coated puppy like a champ. The hose is much longer than my shower attachment and makes bathing much easier.

    The negative is that it has leaked no matter what I tried. I actually cracked my own shower head attachment in the process trying to get this attachment to stop leaking and had to buy a new shower head (but I understand that was just my fault). Still, the plastic attachment pieces don’t seem very sturdy and I was afraid of breaking them the entire installment. Also, I believe a rubber washer was missing when I unpackaged the product so I contacted the company to send replacements. They said I would get them in 5 to 10 days and it has been longer than that with no washer parts. Overall I think the product is a good idea and it does work but not without leaks and hassle.

  8. N****a

    I have tried several setups to bathe my dogs. This is by FAR the best. I love the shape/angle of the handle and how the water comes out in a line. It makes it especially easy to clean my shih tzus faces in the tub. Love the on off valve. Can’t say enough good things about it. My older sister bought one for herself and then my other sister when she got a rescue I bought it for her. Love this product.

  9. B***h

    This is a very nice wand. Our dog hates baths and is scared of spray heads, but this is so gentle that he hardly minds it at all. The wand can be adjusted to a narrow or wide flow, and within the narrow or wide range it can be can be adjusted to a very gentle flow, or a higher flow. The narrower spray pattern is great for feet or legs, the wider for rinsing off soap across dogs back. You can adjust everything right at your finger tips, including shutting it off. Its a little pricey, but works very well.

  10. U****i

    I bought this for my new rescue dog who is a huge ball of fur. He has a double coat which is hard to get wet all the way thru. Today I finally used it, and it works great! It made it so easy to rinse his fur without spraying water all over the place or in his face. I’ve only bathed him once before today and used the hose with a spray nozzle and found I didn’t get him as rinsed as I thought I did. He also didn’t like the way it sprayed all over the place and in his face when I was rinsing his chest. The pet wand has made that a thing of the past for me.

    When it’s not 90* out like today, I want to have warm water to bath my dog with. I had to go to 3 different plumbing supplies to find the right combo to hook my hose up to the sink faucet, then the hose to the wand to reach out the back door where I have room to bath my boy. I don’t remember if the description said it would hook up to a sink or not. I can’t fit my Great Pyrenees in my shower so that hook up doesn’t work for me.
    I sure hope this pet wand holds up. I’ve only used it today. It does seem fairly sturdy and I expect it will hold up for some time. Definitely recommend this product!

  11. Y***n

    This tool makes it very easy to clean my dog. There is a valve by the handle to turn the water on and off so it allows for a one handed operation rather than have to turn the water off on the shower wall. My biggest complaint is that there is not an attachment for the tub nozzle. You have to detach your shower head, screw this in, use, and then unscrew, and reattach you’re shower head. It is a bit more work than if I could just attach to my tub nozzle rather than having to detach my shower head.

  12. Е***n

    The item is easy to install, but I was surprised that the diverter that attaches between your shower head and the pipe was plastic. It installed easily and was fine for about a week, then water started shooting out the side, not at a joint or connector, but from the middle (hard to describe, but definitely a failure of the part). I replaced it with a $20 copper piece from True Value and that fixed the problem. The attachment that you use to wash the dog seems fine so far, but I would recommend not using the plastic diverter at all, just assume you need to purchase the replacement part before you order this item

  13. P****a

    This is the nozzle you have been looking for. Using this in our walk-in shower was even better than going to the dog shelf wash (or would that be owner wash?). I accompanied this with a mega aluminum suction cup (none of those silly little toy dog ones) to tether my pooch. It worked out well. Now let me tell you the secret to making this work at 150%. Take off your shower head and connect this directly to the shower pipe; don’t use the two way value. Don’t do this if you have a 5 pound dog or you will wash them away. My BMD has 3-yes 3! coats of hair and this is the only thing that has the power to wash and rinse it with just a swipe. Water comb of wonders in my hand – and best of all it reaches around, under and behind (yeah that behind) my pooch with just a little effort. Even Harry Potter would be jealous of my wand. I say “washamugoogul” and she is clean.

  14. B***h

    As many other reviewers have mentioned, “I really do wish I had bought this sooner”. Prior to this one I was using a hand held hose model that only produced a small radius (maybe 2-3″) of spray water when the lever was pushed into the on or pulse position. I have used it for few years and it was adequate. I have a 20lb Havanese mutt mix and he has environmental allergies so he normally gets a bath in the tub every week. This wand has cut the amount of tub time by at least half. Nice steady strong water pressure, wide elongated head makes wetting and rinsing him down much faster. I use the full spray for his body and the half spray around his face and ears.

    Hose is long enough to reach him even as he tries to disappear into the end of the tub. I have read where the plastic shower diverter leaves a lot to be desired and may eventually crack or break so I have already determined which metal replacement valve I will need and have it in my ‘saved for later’ cart just in case. I have sprayed myself and bathroom down a few times as I forget to switch off the water between soaping up and rinses, the spray pressure causes it to move around like a snake if left on, my bad. The only downside for me is that it can not be detached and put away like the other one. This is permanently left hanging on the shower fixture and not the prettiest of sights as I already have a hand held wand style shower head. To cut down on possible leaks use white plumbers tape on threads, too bad it’s not supplied with the Pet Wand kit. BTW, I am on the high side of 60, a grandma many times over and I installed this myself….that easy.

  15. A****a

    There are three water settings: the lower pressure is great for rinsing your dog’s head area, and the higher of course for the rest of their body. This was much easier on me than trying to cup water from the faucet and aiming it him, or trying to maneuver him under the faucet. Super super easy to first wet him down, turn the water down while I scrubbed him, and then thoroughly rinse him. You can hold your dog with one hand while you rinse with the other.

    If I had this installed in a bathroom I used to shower, it would be in the way. Instead, I installed this in a bathroom that is rarely used except to bathe lil Bear so the waterpik is out of the way (see what I don’t care for). It was also efficient to wave that wand around and rinse the entire area of the shower/tub – something I would love when cleaning my own tub/shower area since it’s difficult to rinse out the entire shower area when cleaning; however, it’d be a pain to unhook everything and then hook it up to the other bathroom showers every time I cleaned (but it would be a good idea!).

  16. М*х

    My poor pup recently started having skin/coat issues and I need to give him weekly baths (he says, “NO BATH EVER”). It was a traumatic battle of wills and strength for both of us, and one where I had only a slight advantage. And believe me, there is nothing more sad than a 125lb dog sitting in the tub with a look of utter resignation.

    And then the actual bath part starts. I was using the master bath in my bedroom because it has a hand held shower head with a short hose. Basically, the hose was long enough to allow me to wash one side of him at a time. And since he absolutely refused to turn around (his butt must absolutely stay planted in the corner of the tub at ALL times, “NO STICK HEAD IN CORNER EVER” he say), one side is all we washed. So I went looking for a better option and happened to see this on a Lighting Deal. Stuck it in my cart, did some quick research, looked great, good reviews, and then for some reason I decided not to buy it.

    Fast forward two baths later…I’m soaked head-to-toe, he’s not soaked at all but somehow still covered in shampoo, the entire bathroom floor is flooded, there is water dripping from the ceiling, and I’ve used up every towel in the house. And then I made the mistake of turning slightly, giving him an extra 2″ gap between me and the tub wall. Within seconds he had launched all 125lbs of himself out of the tub and directly onto the linoleum, which of course resulted in him immediately extending his doggy nails and sliding frantically spread eagle across the floor, finally collapsing into a pile against the far wall. I felt utterly defeated. This just could not be any worse. Then he stood up and frantically shook, spraying doggy shampoo right into my gaping mouth. Something had to change.

    I came back, put this and a shower mat in my cart, and checked out without any hesitation. Installation took less than 5 minutes. Next bath the shower mat encouraged him to actually go in the tub without an extended wrestling match. And I was able to wet all of him down with so little effort. It was easy to hang the wand on the suction cup when I didn’t need it. With the full spray, there was enough water pressure to wet down the thick downy fur on his back end. I was able to carefully wet up under his legs and tummy using the narrow spray and reduced water pressure. One-handed operation was a little tricky at first, but I got it eventually. Best of all, the hose was long enough to reach his back side at the far end of the tub. I’m really surprised at how well it worked because my closets are stuffed with doggy gadgets and toys I thought would be awesome and then never used.

    Only comment is that I wish you could turn the dial on the wand and completely stop the water, but instead there is always a little trickle. Because it was hanging on the suction cup, and because of the layout of my bathroom, that little trickle bounced off the wall of the tub and right into my face. I finally just stuck it into the water in the tub.

    Bottom line, if you’re a doggy parent, this is a great investment that will make you’re doggy bathing life a lot easier. It could easily be used on my short-haired 10lb dog as well. And with the $10 Waterpik rebate, it’s very reasonably priced. I’m considering buying another to put outside for washing down my lab after her ocean swimming, woods tromping, mud puddle splashing adventures and for all those rainy day muddy paws.

  17. F***s

    If I could give this more stars I would. I read a lot of reviews that had some negative things to say about the longevity of this product, so we will see how long it lasts. BUT i just hooked it up and it is a godsend!!! We have 4 pits and they need regular baths since we do lots of hiking. Our normal shower head was a pain in the butt to give them all showers and i felt i would waste lots of water as well. We do not have a detachable hose on our shower so i would revert to using a large cup to pour over the dogs (so time consuming and ineffective at getting soap off!)

    I didnt want to spend tons of money on something and i came across this product which was priced perfectly. I thought, must be too good to be true! But so far, it is the best pet product i have purchased in a very long time. Makes bathing a breeze and it did not take my boyfriend long to install it onto our janky shower head.

    There is a switch that changes the water to go from the hand held accessory back and forth to and from your shower head . There is also a clip to hang the hose when done. There are three water pressure options easily manuvered with one hand (off, full spray, and half spray) . It has a long hose so it reaches from shower head to the dog in a regular shower. It is not bulky either so i dont mind it staying in the shower! As dog fanatics, and CLEANLINESS finatics, this is just awesome.

  18. E****a

    Oh my gosh. This was so highly recommended by my neighbor that I bought two. One for me and one for my daughter. Great price. I am so happy with this item. I think I may buy a couple more for Xmas gifts.

  19. A*******r

    Great bathing tool! prior to this, I was only using the end of a hose-like an amateur. My dog has been dealing with a fungus issue that requires me to wash him every two days. I was looking for something to conserve water and not be gentle on the dog but still stay tough and I the dirt and this wand definitely delivered. The only drawback is that I do not believe you can use the wand directly with the hose, Waterpik supplies a hose that attaches to your hose on one end and the want on the other. They provide the hose for users that bath their dogs indoors, but we are outdoor washers. It is definitely not a deal-breaker and will recommend to friends, family, and strangers.
    I forgot to add you can change the settings with one hand which is very convenient

  20. A***m

    Where has this BEEN all my life? I’ve had a hard time in the past finding a wand that doesn’t leak, has enough pressure to wash the shampoo and conditioner from my Afghan’s coat, and isn’t a bear to handle when my hands get wet and slippery. The straight stream of water doesn’t tangle my dog’s hair like round head sprayers do, and being able to adjust the width of the stream is really helpful for rinsing off my dog’s legs. I attached the suction cup hook to the opposite end of my shower and it’s super convenient to let the hose drain while we’re still able to use the shower without hose clutter.

  21. M****a

    After several years using a regular round sprayer to clean my two dogs (Boxers), I purchased this wand sprayer. It works really well. Saves a lot of time wetting down and rinsing the soap. I experienced No problems with leaking anywhere. I would suggest using Teflon tape at the connection to the shower head pipe and the shower head. I like to put about 5 winds around the male connection ends. Works like a charm. No leaking.

  22. E****a

    It works sort of like a “water comb” so the spray is very controlled. You can control the spray so well that you can rinse right up behind their ears without any freaking out.
    The wand makes it easy to rinse the undercarriage as well. 🙂

    My dogs loved it too. There were 0 escape attempts during bath time while using the wand.
    We recommend it – paws down the best pet sprayer we’ve used. The only thing I can’t get to work is the suction cup hook that they provide for the wall. It just falls off.
    I haven’t had any issues with the diverter but I could see how the plastic could break with even a little too much torque.

  23. F***s

    This shower wand is DIVINE. What a game changer! We have cut our bathing time in half and our dog is much cleaner! We have a 65lb bernedoodle who has lots of hair that gets dirty easily. This wand helps us waste less water and get out more dirt. It also installs pretty effortlessly to your shower head. One installation and you are done! Highly recommend if you have a pup who likes to play and get dirty!

  24. N**a

    this product is amazing, the water modes are very gentle when I bathe my fur baby! it was super easy to install and is super easy to use!

  25. A***x

    Best thing ever!! It so much easier to get all of the soap off of my dog. Even using a normal shower head that detaches this one is so much easier. All of the shampoo and water just slides right off and it’s so simple to get under her neck, around her face, and underneath her body! She is so much cleaner.

    So after just a few months my Waterpik broke. The whole thing just separated from the mounted shower and that was it. I really loved it but didn’t last long enough to be worth it. And I just realized I never got the suction mount piece.

  26. V***a

    This is the most impressive pet product I’ve purchased in a long time! It was super-easy to connect it to the shower. (Had no idea the shower head came off so easily!) I haven’t used the diverter. Instead, I just connect it long enough to bathe the dogs & then put it away till next time.

    I have a strong 3-year old corgi who tries his best to escape the tub. But, it was easy to hang onto the wand and keep him contained. I also have a 14 year old corgi who completely freaks out when getting a bath. (Because he has a fragile back, that’s resulted in too-few baths for him.). The wand resulted in the calmest bath ever for my old boy. I always worry about him re-injuring his back. So, a calm bath where he’s not shaking with fear and trying to escape is priceless!

    Opertion of the wand is simple. Every other setting is a trickle, which is great when you need to put down the wand and rub in the soap & then wait the prescribed time for the shampoo’s benefits. Rinsing the boys off is also a breeze. As an added benefit, I can get the dogs’ undersides cleaned better than other options I’ve tried. Low-riders tend to get dirty bellies & they can be challenging to get clean.

  27. H****o

    2 hairy heeler/collies, 1 black lab & 1 swamp dingo. Get this thing! Couldn’t believe how perfectly this works! I have been tortured with the grimy undercoat trolls for years & the waterproof lab… speaks for herself. How well could this thing work?? LIKE A MIRACLE. Seriously. The only hiccup was this: they mark the end of the hose with a color tab so you will know which end goes where ;-). Well, we had a leak. The hubs finally decided to switch the ends and Ta Da! They’d marked it wrong. So give that a try if you are having leak problems. My dogs loved this thing. Know why? Because I told them they did. If your dog is having a “hard time” or “doesn’t like it,” it may be time to let them start earning the household funds since they are in charge.

  28. P****r

    Received my wand, it seems sturdy but the hose is super stiff, I like the sprayer and my dog likes the 2 spray patterns a lot better than a regular sprayer, so that makes it worthwhile, it is a great product that could use a little tuning, first the end you screw to a hosepipe/sink converter does not free spin, so you must twist the hose as you thread it on, then the wand does not do a 100% shutoff, it still dribbles, would be nice if it closed the water off completely and as mentioned, the hose needs more flexibility. But in the end, I would buy this wand again because it stress’s my dog less and does a good job rinsing.

    Just a little note to bring things up to date, I have been using this wand at least daily for over 2 mos, it is fantastic, I would hate to be with out it, my dog actually looks forward to a rinsing and does not mind one bit.

  29. W****m

    What I liked:
    – Comfort grip rubber handle
    – Thumb wheel to switch from wide water stream to off to narrow water stream to off
    – Eight foot long hose
    – Sprayer is gentle and effective at removing soap from the dog
    – Spray adjusts in length to allow better use around the dog’s head and underside
    – Hook on diverter is nice for storing the wand when not in use

  30. Е***a

    I bathe 4 dogs a month and have bought about every kind of dog shower out there. So far this has not only outlasted all the others but the dogs really like this. I have shepherds with the thick coats and was afraid this wouldn’t get through their coats but it does. I like the 2 settings and can get around their faces without it being harsh. It rinses soap out of their coats very well. So far still no leaks and it’s working perfect

  31. L****a

    For washing my 4- working dogs. Set up an outdoor dog bath by buying the Farm Innovators W-409 1000W Submergible Bucket Heater – put it in a 35 gallon metal garbage can with a sump pump at the bottom. Then a hose from pump to this washing wand. A power outlet strip on/off switch to control the water.

    WOW! This is perfect! A gentle “water comb” to wet the dog, wash off shampoo, then use condition, wash that off – this wand is excellent! Gentle water flow, with the curved device I can “comb” the flow of water over the dog. Can do the insides of their legs, and chest – without a high pressure blast.

    This delivers lots of water but in a gentle, usable manner instead of spraying everywhere.

    Was going to complain it is too gentle until I came back here and learned there is a flow control on the wand. Stupid me! So that makes it perfect – just need a bit more flow to be happy.

    FYI – Tried the conditioner Silk 18 and that is wonderful! My dogs are now super silky.

  32. C****e

    Holy macaroni! This thing rocks! We’ve used a regular human handheld shower head to bathe our pup for years. The hose wasn’t quite long enough to reach all sides of him and it was a real hassle. After a mad squirrel chasing session that ended up with a room through poo this morning, I finally gave this thing a try. It was so easy. The spray pattern and adjustable pressure got all the yuck off quickly and I didn’t have to climb into the tub to get his backside.

    You can turn it all the way down to just a trickle, meaning you can leave the water on while shampooing and don’t have to worry about adjusting the temperature again. Then you can turn it all the way up to get down into that undercoat in one pass. It’s super ergonomic. This is the first time I’ve bathed my dog without coming away sopping wet. I love it. I will shamelessly push the product on all my dog-loving friends and family like Oprah. “You get a Pet Wand. And YOU get a Pet Wand! EVERYBODY GETS PET WANDSSSSS!”

  33. L***a

    This took me a couple tries to install without any leaks. Also note that it does not come with plumber’s tape but requires plumber’s tape to be assembled. While this may sound logical because it also does not come with a wrench, etc, I noticed that the competitor’s product–the AquaPaw–does come with plumber’s tape. So, after a trip to Home Depot, and some difficulty, I finally succeeded.

    The water pressure on this is great, and I love the three “settings” it has. Great stream of water for rinsing off my aussie mix. Rinsing is the most important part of bathing a dog! Since my dog is still too scared of it (hardly a reflection of the product), I often use it to rinse my own hair. I appreciate that one setting is “off,” so that when you switch from the showerhead to the pet wand, water doesn’t go everywhere until you can point the wand in a safe direction. Overall, it works exactly as advertised.

    However, the suction cup hook that came with this was useless. It fell immediately after sticking it to the shower wall, and continued to fall, and I eventually threw it away. It’s a little annoying to try and keep the long hose wrapped around the showerhead, but I can always buy another suction cup hook.

  34. Y****y

    If you have a dog or you’re like me and have several – you will wonder how you ever gave them a bath before this wand. Before this ingenious product, giving the dogs a bath was a chore. The 5 ft shower head/hose that was used before wouldn’t reach my 10 lb blind & senior chihuahua, Willow, and I inevitably sprayed her and/or myself in the face trying to keep her calm during bath-time. When it came to bathing Henry and Foster, my 80-90 pound lab and pitbull – the shower head/hose reached them fine…however, without any slack.. can you imagine trying to spray them and hold them from jumping out of the tub for dear life? Oh and then you have to shampoo, lather, and rinse again. The worst.

    This wand is amazing. It has made giving the dogs baths a simple, quick task. I actually enjoy bathing them now – and they actually feel and smell CLEAN when they get out (instead of giving up with a half-a.. bath because everything’s soaking wet and they’re mad).

    The hose is super long (8 ft) and reaches the floor of the tub with length to spare. Unlike the standard shower-head, the wand is easy to control and I haven’t once sprayed myself in the face while using it (knock on wood). There are several spray settings that are easily accessed by the wand handle while using one hand (ya know, because the other hand is usually holding a dog in place). My favorite thing about the hose – the length of the wand itself. You can rinse off the entire back or stomach of your dog with one pass!

    Now… sometimes things are too good to be true. I’ve given roughly 15 dog baths since I bought this wand, and I’m still in love with it. If something changes, I will update my review. But so far, I’ve already gotten my money’s worth and would 110% recommend.

  35. S***y

    Works really well and makes bathing the dogs vastly easier than the ol’ bucket in the tub method. The spray really gets under the coat too, so it’s not just easier, it gets them way cleaner than before.

    Some of the other reviews mentioned the diverter was plastic, but mine was entirely metal. The connector hose for the wand is plastic, as is the wand itself, but so far they’re holding together just fine. Installation was fairly simple, although the kit does not include the elastic tape you need to get a good seal on the shower head and diverter. The ‘pause’ setting on the wand is actually just a spray-slightly-less-hard setting, which is basically useless, but not that big a deal for me.

  36. B***h

    Not long after this item arrived, we were having a leisurely “quarantine at home” Sunday. My husband went out to play with the dogs for a bit, and came rushing back in to say he had a crisis and need help. He had reached down to pet Jax (our 2 y/o Australian Cattle Dog) and noticed his green glistening fur. It is spring here, with lots of green grass for the cattle, and Jax rolled around in a fresh pile to spread it all down both sides, up over his back and up to his neck.

    By now, since this is the third episode (although the worst so far), we’ve developed a system. My husband puts on his knee length muck boots and black disposable gloves, and hooks up the garden hose to our laundry sink faucet. It runs warm water out to the lawn area. We attach this pet wand to the garden hose, and it’s working marvelously. It gives a gentle thorough cleaning that even a dog who thought he hated baths seems to enjoy now. So, Sunday morning went great, then around 1 p.m. it all turned to poo.

  37. Q****l

    I absolutely love this! I installed it in the shower yesterday, easy to do. I just bathed my dog in less than half the time it usually takes. 10 stars!

  38. V***a

    This seems so obvious now, but make sure where ever you connect it has good water pressure. I originally hooked this up to the sink in the garage. That was a fail. I would have moved to the tub in the bathroom, but it was so hot out. I decided to connect it to the hose in the backyard. Installation in both was so easy. Of course my dog hated the bath lol. But this product was fantastic. I especially loved how you could adjust the pressure on the handle. It made it easy to wash her face.

  39. B***h

    Plumbing is not my forte, but the directions were very easy to follow and I got installed in 10 minutes! My Cockapoo, who is very resistant to bathing, actually seemed to like it and it was great at both wetting her thick curls and rinsing all the soap out!

  40. E****a

    Hate baths but loved this wand for my hooman. It worked super slick and attached very easily to the shower head. Is adjustable pressure-wise and rinsed the suds out of my beard super quick! 10/10 would pawsitively buy again.

  41. B***e

    While I got the pro – most settings aren’t really distinguishable and would recommend the standard—- That being said – so much better than you standard garden house attachment if you have a double coated dog. Gets in there and helps control where the dirty water goes better and wand is great for getting under the dog and in those unmentionable areas. Using outside, I attached to a diverter/splitter so I could avoid the connection issues folks have mentioned. Keep wand and hose out of direct sun light and it should hold up well.

  42. F***h

    Easy to use,you will need some tape otherwise is going to leak,good pressure for 2 setting water or 3 for off. The wall cup doesn’t work,I think the hose is well made..good material little heavy but one of the dogs doesn’t like the hose before and she doesn’t likes this one,I think I would recommend this to a friend… after 2 years of having the product I can’t figure out how to stop it from leaking.. is not a bad product I can clean the dogs faster.

  43. А***е

    I used to clean my dogs in the tub with a measly old plastic cup, but that is no longer! This product is amazing! The water pressure is perfect for the dogs, and if it’s too much you can lower it! I use the softer setting for my dogs face. The only reason I took a star off is because my shower head had a little less water pressure now due to the adapter.

  44. F***s

    Owners of long haired/thick coated breeds: This is what you’ve been looking for. I’ve waited over 20 years for this and have used everything from custom heads to kitchen wash heads. The water flow from this even at low pressure (40 psi) is excellent, adjustment on handle are well thought out, and this WILL get right through a thick undercoat.

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